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I need to lose belly fat FAST!!!!!!!?

Im twelve years old and i weigh 165 pound!!! its all basiclly my bell yi want to lose it fast i want to be back after summer to school and be thin! helppp..
i cant take pills im not stupid.

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2 Responses to “I need to lose belly fat FAST!!!!!!!?”

  1. Ellen A said :

    my kids and I are using the downloads for healthy body from . They work great on trimming us up and getting us going with the exercise and reducing the food intake to reasonable.

  2. schillkill47 said :

    Cardio workout is the best way to get rid of that belly fat. So get into a routine to go jogging everyday or running on a tredmill. And drink A LOT of water everyday and all day!!! It flushes out your system, and helps get rid of that stubborn fat. Be dedicated to working out.


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