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Getting taped, need to lose weight fast, water pills?

I’m getting weighing in and getting taped and I need to lose a few pounds/ an inch in the next 48 hours. I’m wondering if water pills will help? If so, how fast and how often should I take?
I’m fine with it being temporary, as long as I hit my mark in 48 hours I can go back to normal.
Yes I know it’s not particularly safe, that’s okay though.
Any other super fast weight cut tips?

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2 Responses to “Getting taped, need to lose weight fast, water pills?”

  1. advent_chyld said :

    the best i can think of is not eating very much or at all if possible, and not drinking too much water or to none as well. As water puts a lot of weight on you.

  2. LinkinParkRULES<3 said :

    Take The Water Pills. Don’t Eat Or Drink.


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