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How will losing weight effect my tattoos?

I’m planning on losing around 60 to 70 pounds when I’m through and I was wanting to know how I could treat my tattoos so they won’t look stretched or anything whenever I lose all this weight. I have one on my upper arm and one on my wrist. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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8 Responses to “How will losing weight effect my tattoos?”

  1. steffibaby24 said :

    i dont think loosin the weight will make a difference to ur tattoos as they are on ur arm, if they were on ur stomach then u could of had a problem!!

  2. aderifield95991 said :

    they’ll get skinnier. work out while losing weight to improve muscle tone and keep the skin tight and they should be fine.

  3. xluvexyoohhx said :

    I have no idea but the one on your upper one will sag, unless you lift weight or do something like that.

  4. Aki said :

    In all honesty, I don’t think there is anything you can do.
    The one on your wrist will proberly be okay, rub skin moisturising cream into though daily, that should help, but the one on your arm, depending on how big the tattoo is and how big your arm is, it is most likely just to shrink, again, just try rubbing in moiusturijg cream into it daily, it’ll help.

  5. Lady K said :

    Your skin may have stretched to accommodate the extra weight. but if you work out and tone as you lose weight, your skin should bounce back and leave your tattoos unaffected.
    Best of luck losing the weight.
    It’s a struggle but so worth it.

  6. marisela138 said :

    You can use Avon’s lift and tuck cream to tighten your skin while you lose weight. Then you won’t have any akward spots!

  7. sway_26 said :

    I guess it depends on how your weight is distributed. I cannot imagine your wrist being a problem, but if you really large arms and end up with a little hangy skin under the upper arm it might make it look a little off. At leats you dont have one on your stomach or something – a place most people gain most of their weight.

  8. rajan naidu said :

    they may shrink


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