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How to loss some fat of my chest?

Am a dude but want to get some fat off my chest (man boobs) any suggestions?thanks

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5 Responses to “How to loss some fat of my chest?”

  1. chris h said :

    Eat healthier (which really sucks)
    exercise – do lost of push ups in all variations

    I’ve noticed that when im wanting to do something of this nature it is never easy. The fact is that there are no short cuts or “easy” ways around it…You’re going to have to be head-strong, determined and persistant.

  2. YUNG_T_DA_DOWNSOUF_G said :

    same thing happened to me and in fact im still dealing with it its called gynecomastia google it some situations are bad and some arent mine in fact look like a body builder i bench press 400 lbs but before i got up to that i killed at least 200 pushups when i woke up and before i went to sleep but later on this year im having the surgery to have them removed dont owrry bro alot of people dont know that men cant help that situation its all pubertys fault

  3. Kay House said :

    The obvious answer here is put down the jelly donuts 😀

  4. KIRKUK said :

    cut the carbs to 50 grams a day of fibrous complex carbs, no junk or fruit for the time being BUT increase your protein to 200 grams then within a few days your storage fat will begin to get used for fuel then even sitting at your computer you will be burning fat from ALL over your body so of course your boobs will simply vanish – you can speed it up by working out or daily cycle rides,easy…

  5. tennislover said :

    you need to spend more time doing cardio…. which will boil down to 3 x a week for 30 mins or more
    train your chest once – twice a week
    at all angles

    flat benchpress
    incline benchpress
    decline benchpress

    dumbell press

    you need to do 6-8 reps 4 sets per exercise

    also eat less carbs and sugars.. that accumulates into fat tissue when u eat tooo many of them.. eat more vegetables and berries…. and lean proteins.. whole wheat carbs.. get off the processed foods. and saturafated fats


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