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How to bulk up a skinny rat, and how to get fat rat to loss some weight?

I have 2 rats, there both fully grown but one is getting pretty skinny and the other one is putting on the pounds, so I need some good ideas for bulking up one rat, and having one loss some weight?

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5 Responses to “How to bulk up a skinny rat, and how to get fat rat to loss some weight?”

  1. Kai said :

    separate them at feeding times, the bigger rat is probably bullying the other. Put a small fence of cardboard while they eat or something or get a completely different cage. Have a smaller amount of food for the fat ones diet and fill the other bowl up as much as you want for the skinnier rat.

  2. M said :

    Its in the kind of food they are eating. Put them both on the same diet. High quality rat blocks made for whatever age they are right now (Harlan Teklad 2016 if they are above 8 months old). Feed them fresh fruits, veggies and in moderation whole grain pastas, bread, and cereal. A couple times a week give the skinny rat a tiny amount of cheese or other fatty food. If they are both eating healthy food (the rat blocks) and allowed to have as much as they want the skinny rat will gain weight and the fat one will lose weight. The supplemental foods (everything except the rat blocks) can be given every few days. Actual treats (like the cheese) should only be given once or twice a week. Dont expect it to happen quickly. Healthy things never do.

  3. L.A.A said :

    what u do is get a rat ball put him in it for exercise or take him out every day to run around for a while feed him smaller amounts. for the skinny one give him treats like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds both are very fating this should work

  4. jaded said :

    Don’t give the skinny one cheese or fatty food. Dairy isn’t good for animals, and not even for a lot of humans. Instead give him some food with protein, like a bit of chicken. And you should let both of your rats play, and this would help the fat one. Give him healthy treats like vegetables. The way I let my rats play is I give them their own thick blanket and i lay it across my bed and i let the rats play on it.

  5. Wendi wooo said :

    try baby porrige for your skinny rat……All my girls have lived to be nearly 3…they have their porrige every morning… And their dumbos so they are fatter then a top eared.


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