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how can i do some weight loss without losing metabolism?

i want to lose weight like a billion others but i don’t want to lose a lot of metabolism, as it is important for me.

any idea how can i do that?

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8 Responses to “how can i do some weight loss without losing metabolism?”

  1. Snoopy24 said :

    you get a higher metabolism when you lose weight as long as you stay active…

  2. Me Fang You said :


    it speeds your metabolism.

  3. berrygrl2004 said :

    There are two good ways to accomplish that; first — drink 8 – 8oz glasses of water per day, second — be sure to take a multi-vitamin each day.

    Good luck!

  4. readylaura said :

    It is so great that you know you are in the risk of slowing down your metabolism, while trying to lose weight.
    I don’t know your age, your weight, and your height, but if you are a teenager, eat around 1600 cal every day. And walk for an hour. You can do push ups or something, but just make sure you do something to burn extra calories.
    You can start off with 5 tablespoons of what I call nothing-fancy cornflakes. I mean whole-wheat or diet. Of course, with milk. Then you can eat 3 dried apricots+1 whole walnut as snack. Eat vegatables+chicken or veggies+fish for lunch and dinner. Eat yoghurt and 2 fruits between lunch and dinner. This is my weight loss plan. I’m losing a lot of weight with this program. Good luck!

  5. tccd81 said : It’s free and changed my life! Sign up for an account and track your calories for free. They set up a weight loss program that’s based on your height, etc. Also check out the forum for great advice. You don’t even have to join to see the forum.

  6. CoachCui said :

    To loose weight and maintain your metabolism – you need to lower your calories and eat frequently 5 times a day.

    You also have to incorporate regular exercise to burn more calories.

    Most of the programs I have use included both fitness and nutrition plans. Check out my results from P90x

    If you have any questions – let me know. I would like to help

  7. FrenchTower said :

    to lose weight.

    you have to absolutely change your lifestyle.

    no weight loss program can be effective until you change your lifestyle, by changing lifestyle i mean, start to use more of your physical body than depending on machines for the tasks.

    if you dont’ want to lose metabolism, then you should try and get something like a good healthy diet available in various diet plans.

  8. Balaji g said :


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