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What are some healthy foods to eat for fat loss?

I like eating healthy but my diet is becoming monotonous with the same chicken and tuna fish. Anything else that is good protein wise?

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6 Responses to “What are some healthy foods to eat for fat loss?”

  1. eatyourtofu said :

    Tofu is a high-protein source but low in calories and fat. It’s awesome when you marinate it in your favorite sauce for a few hours (like teriyaki or barbeque) and bake it. Yummy!

  2. Vinny said :

    Actually i have a good answer to that my gram was given a diet by the hospital and im told all hospitals use the same and it works great with lots of choices call your local hospitals cafeteria and ask what r the diet dinners they make and what they use.

  3. rock d said :

    Expand your horizons. Low fat milk products, rice and a lot of snack and nutrition bars are low in fat. Don’t run from fat though. The body needs fat for absorption of a lot of vitamins and minerals. The body also needs it to burn properly. I have never cared for special diets geared for weight loss. Simply, if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. I suggest eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of liquids and eating more meals of smaller sizes. Never skip breakfast. If your body gets hungry, it burns differently, saving calories for later because it’s not sure when it will be filled again. By eating breakfast and eating more meals, there is always fuel in the tank and the body will burn more efficiently. And any weight training you do, just push ups or sit ups, the body burns at a higher rate all day, compared to the calories spent running or walking. Walk, take stairs, anything to burn extra calories also helps.

  4. macarthur1977 said :

    The healthiest fish to eat and the best to lose weight is sardines. Sardines are packed with omega-3, also mackerel are healthy. Most folks eat tuna, but there are other types of fish on the shelves that most overlook.

  5. pandora the cat said :

    Marinated turkey (Jenny-O) is pretty good on/with anything or on it’s own. Regular turkey is good with cranberry sauce. I hope you are eating enough veggies.

  6. diet-loser said :

    This is a common problem among the many dieters and bodybuilders that I council. Don’t forget though, that you can eat healthy carbs and fats as well as protein in a fat loss diet.

    Here are some examples of each three:

    Chunk Light Tuna
    Skinless Chicken Breast
    Skinless Turkey Breast
    Lean Buffalo
    Egg Beaters/Egg Whites
    Orange Roughy
    Albacore Tuna
    White Fish
    Mahi Mahi
    Extra Lean ground beef

    Sweet Potatoes
    Rice pasta
    *Don’t forget veggies*

    Almonds / Almond Butter
    Macadamia Nuts
    Natural Peanut butter
    Salad dressing
    Olive Oil
    Flaxseed Oil
    Udos Oil

    There are plenty of healthy foods, you just need to control portions and get plenty of exercise.

    Good luck


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