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What are some healthy things i should eat for fat loss?

I have this belly fat i want to get rid of and I just want to know what Are a variety of things I can eat over the course of 7 days that can help me achieve my goal. My diet pretty much consist of fast foods and what’s cooked at home. I live with my mother so I was wondering what are some healthy things I can buy that’s easy to cook and don’t take much? as well as things I can eat on the go?

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3 Responses to “What are some healthy things i should eat for fat loss?”

  1. Jon said :

    i think you should eat fruits and vegetables only
    I think it would help
    and exercise more
    if you like to loose weight
    because when you diet
    it will just force you to eat more food

  2. Susan D said :

    Fast foods are going to give you belly fat because they lack nutrition and are generally very high in fat and calories, difficult to digest and slow your digestive system down.

    If you want to gain control of your weight then start introducing lots of vegetables into your diet and adequate amounts of fruit.

    You don’t even have to cook the fruit or vegetables, in fact they are healthier eaten raw. And think of this, you can eat all the fresh vegetables you want and still lose weight.

    In fact, one of the reasons that people don’t lose weight is because they limit the amount they eat to a point where their digestion slows and their metabolism grinds to a halt. Each time you eat you stimulate your metabolism, so eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, you’ll look great and have more energy. Just make sure you aren’t snacking on junk food or sugar.

    Also, stay away from diet pop, it’s been proven to cause weight gain

  3. onlymatch4u said :

    The best thing to eat on the go are nuts that contain fat. The fat in nuts are very good for you and nature provided good antioxidants in the nuts to protect the very unstable, double bonded, polyunsaturated fats from being oxidized (going rancid), unlike the vegetable oils extracted from nuts and seeds that oxidize rapidly and are terrible for the body.

    Then get some Kombucha tea from the health food store and drink that instead of sodas or commercially prepared fruit juices.

    Those two items will help you to keep your metabolism up and provide the right kind of calories that will contribute to making you less hungry and will help you lose that “stored” fat.

    In regard to getting rid of the stored fat around the waste, that was put there by your body to protect your organs from being over-run by toxic waste. Your digestion is the key to getting rid of that “stored” fat. If you are NOT producing enough stomach acid, your food will not be digested properly and it will create toxins that must be stored. This is why guys, especially, start putting on weight around the middle in their late 20’s. As we age, we produce less and less stomach acid and this is evidenced by the huge amount of acid reflux, acid indigestion, etc. The acid that causes this problem is NOT stomach acid, but lactic acid from the lack of stomach acid, leaving the food to rot and purtrefy. Taking antacids only makes this problem worse and is a ridiculous solution to a simple problem that is causing a lot of “doctor induced illnesses.”

    Fat Food Restaurants have been using lots of trans fats but are now changing to fats that are equally bad for you, soybean oils, cottonseed oils, canola, and corn oils. All these are now genetically engineered (only in America) and are causing lots of allergies in people and lots of inflammation in the arteries. Like the song says, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The food sold in those Fat Food Restaurants has NO redeeming value and each item is picked for PROFIT, not your health. A good example is the beef they put in their products all contain what is called AMR beef. They put about 20% of this in to make it cheaper. This are the byproducts from the cow after most of teh meat has been removed from the carcass. They put the bones and some of the remaining organs that contain small amounts of brain tissue, that results in the gun charges they use to kill the cow, in a huge crushing, extrusion type machine that makes it into a paste. When this is added to the beef, it is cheaper and they make more profit. You get the booby prize of getting small amounts of prions and other disgusting things. These things have been shown to cause dementia after about 20 years of eating this. This practice is against the World Health Organization recommendations and America is the only country NOT following the WHO’s recommendations. This is why Mc Maggots had to change their meat policy in Japan and other countries when they opened their stores there.

    Do you actually believe Fat Food Restaruants care about your health? Just talk to them about improving their quality like providing Grass Fed Beef and Organic vegetables and watch what they say. They will tell you that their clients “don’t care and so why should they provide higher cost foods?” Ask them.

    After 20 years old, everyone should be taking a high quality, once living source (like sugar beets, etc.) Betaine HCL and an HCL Activator along with a digestive enzyme that contains all the pancreatic enzymes or good digestion. Cooked foods remove the enzymes that help you digest your food, so by taking the supplements, you correct the problem. You should also be eating about 50% of your food as RAW FOODS.

    good luck to you


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