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Which types of food should I avoid to achieve fat loss?

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2 Responses to “Which types of food should I avoid to achieve fat loss?”

  1. Coolmusic said :

    egg yolk , just take whites. I rem eating yolk = 300 cal.
    so avoid yolk, try to take light dinner and spread ur meals. Eat 7 meals a day and each meal, just a small portion. This is to allow ur stomach to strink back to its original size.
    If u wan to take rice, i would recommend u to take brown rice instead. More fibre. Take a high protein, less carbo diet. And spread ur meals. These are my advice. No yolks and u must also do some cardio. U may wish to run on a threadmill for at least 45 min everyday. 1st 20 min only ur protein and carbo is being burnt, only after the 20 min mark, u start to burn fats. Also, sleep early. Dun stay up late, i have read articles saying that staying up late will cause ur stomach to be bloated.
    U can also try to take in some goat milk. Heard it has high protein content.

  2. Nik V said :

    This will definitely help you



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