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Should I never drink coffee again? Can it hamper me from fat loss goals?

I drink it for migraines, and get migraines atleast once a week. With or with out the coffee, I -will- get a migraine once a week, but the coffee and tylonal combo is the only thing that makes it disapear within an hour or so.

ANYWAY, im trying to lose some fat in my body and im excersizing regularly, cardio and weights, but can the caffeine/coffee hamper me from attaining my goals?

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6 Responses to “Should I never drink coffee again? Can it hamper me from fat loss goals?”

  1. ladykool954 said :

    No, in fact it helps you a little by giving you more energy. A little caffeine doesn’t hurt…just don’t over do it otherwise you’ll have a high and then crash.

  2. beautifulbunny0286 said :

    nope it shouldnt. coffee itself is fat free and calorie free. enjoy your coffee, just watch what you put in it. i use fat free creamer and splenda.

    the caffine from coffee is actually beneficial when lifting weights for the upper body. a little coffee before an arm work out can be good for you.

  3. bonnie said :

    some say coffee (caffeine) is good in the morning because it boosts your energy and clears your mind. (of course drink it with a big healthy breakfast.) but some say its bad because you’ll get dehydrated. i work in a office where i used to drink coffee, maybe 7 cups a day. but i stopped and started drinking more than 80ounces of water everyday. and to tell you the truth, i feel lot lighter and healthier than when i was addicted to coffee.

    try chewing gum when you get jittery and u can always take tylenol with water.

    good luck.

  4. torskie said :

    I have heard of studies that coffee helps you metabolize sugars better, which is good if you are pre diabetic…but it suggests(to me) that you may retain weight more

  5. jwplaster said :

    I have never heard of coffee inhibiting fat loss. In fact, I am in great shape and drink coffee all day and night. Hasn’t made me fat.

  6. Quite New Here said :

    Oooo, dont go that way. Coffee is non fattening. It is the sugar and all the good stuff you put in it that does. Cream, honey, demerara, vanilla, cinnamon. Ok the flavorings wont make you fat either.

    What will you replace it with anyway? Tea? As long as you take everything black (no cream no sugar) you can take both beverages.


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