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Fat Loss for Idiots from Fatloss4Idiots?

Fat Loss for Idiots. Fast weight loss is promised by this site. I have read lots of good things. Can anyone tell me it does not work.

More info about Fat Loss for idiots here

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2 Responses to “Fat Loss for Idiots from Fatloss4Idiots?”

  1. lmsabm said :

    I’m not going to check out a site that refers to it’s visitors as “idiots”.

    If you really want to lose weight, do some studying on eating healthy, exercising, portion control, etc. Weight Watchers is wonderful for this. A few good sites to check out (that won’t insult your intelligence) are in my ‘sources’. All 3 are by professionals with nothing but your well-being in mind. They provide you recipes, tips, exercises, and more.

  2. Jaye B said :

    I have heard a lot of good things about calorie shifting. I have researched it a lot just have not started doing it yet. Wish I could help more.


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