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fat loss 4 idiots: Looking for fat loss 4 idiots product review and honest opinion on fat loss 4 idiots method?

fat loss 4 idiots product has been around quite sometime and I really wonder if you have put this fat loss 4 idiots diet into practice and see the result yourself?

Kindly answer my concern regarding fat loss 4 idiots diet if you have really follow the method.

Genuinely looking forward your answer on fat loss 4 idiots

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3 Responses to “fat loss 4 idiots: Looking for fat loss 4 idiots product review and honest opinion on fat loss 4 idiots method?”

  1. july said :

    It’s just another scam

  2. snoopy005 said :

    My brother lost 170 pounds using the program and 1½ year later is keeping it off. He found it at He weighed 390 when he started and took him just 13 weeks to lose the 170 lbs.

  3. Ahmad Munawwar R said :

    fat loss 4 idiots is based on the main core of the problem: you are overweight not just because you eat a lot; but you need to eat the right kind of food, more than anything else. That is what the fat loss 4 idiots promises, you need to change your diet and eat the right foods at the right time.

    fat loss 4 idiots is actually a ten step program. First of all it suggests that the food should belong to one of the three main categories: Proteins, Carbs and Fat.

    The main goal is to manipulate the amount of calories you intake in every meal, as this is more important than the overall daily sum of calories.

    According to fat loss 4 idiots the right combinations of foods belonging to these three categories are the key to the success, which is actually a very healthy and realistic approach to the losing weight issue.

    Lean proteins, veggies and fruit, as well as whole foods such as eggs or cottage cheese – which are ideal suppliers of well sensed and necessary fat – are the ones that compound the Fat loss 4 idiots program.

    Every day you are supposed to eat 4 meals with 2,5 hours between them approximately. You are not supposed to measure and eat particular quantity, but the suggestion and secret is to eat as much as you want, short of feeling full.

    A good advice is to drink lots of water every day, but not more than 2 glasses per time. What is absolutely great is that after the 11 days of the program you get 3 free days, which means that you can eat normally without following the diet plan, but then you go back to your 11 days.

    You can read more on the advantage and disadvantage about fat loss 4 idiots in this blog, there are quite a few -ve and -ve comments in this fat loss 4 idiots product review.

    fat loss 4 idiots blog:


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