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How to lose weight on legs and backside?

Just put on a bit of weight lately and wondering what the best way to lose weight on legs and backside are?

Thanks 🙂
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6 Responses to “How to lose weight on legs and backside?”

  1. Eponine said :

    when you find the answer let me know

  2. Nora said :

    you could try leg ups (where you pull your knees up as high as you can with out straightening your legs) good luck!!!

  3. 12345 said :

    running. lots of running.

  4. bob taskbar said :

    having a fitter body is always a lifestyle change. there are just no quick fixes, unless you have a lot of money and go for some sort of beriatric surgery.

    best way to loose weight is still exercise and diet.

    exercise means going to the gym and train with a trainer. that means at least an hour of cardio like the treadmill, then another hour for abs exercises, and another hour for weight training. do this at least 3 times a week.

    dieting means eating the right kind and amount of food. try this:
    breafast: whey protein drink and salad separately of course – no mayo or egg based salad dressing, only vinegar/ lemonjuice/ balsamic vinegar with olive oil dressing only.
    lunch: just eat boiled or broiled chicken breast (no skin) in tomato sauce with brown rice; limit the brown rice, unless you are gonna work out heavy.
    dinner: should be light – boiled chicken breast or broiled fish fillet – no fat.
    drink only water, no juices or colas.

    if you want to diet drastically, try eating apples 3 times a day for a week – that will lower your weight, cholesterol levels and tryglicerides.

  5. your mum is fit said :

    control your diet and exercise.

    horse riding is a killer on the thighs and bum, but bike riding would be good.

    running and jogging is good obviously but jogging for a long distance burns more fat that running for a short distance.

    when you exercise in a way where you cannot speak when you’re doing it (ie running as it tires you out) burns all your carbs before it burns fat whereas exercise where you can speak (jogging or bike riding) burns all your fat first.

    swimming is always good also but it concentrates more on your entire body than you thighs etc

    lunges are also good for the leg and other stretches like taking two steps at a time when you go up the stairs:)

    i think trampolining is good as well, so basically exercises which wear out your legs and not your arms.

  6. Christina N said :

    playing basketball or running or u can swim a lot


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