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How do I lose weight from a specific body part?

I want to lose weight on my legs, but keep the rest of my body fat the same. Is there a way to tone down the fat on my legs without changing the rest of my body?

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4 Responses to “How do I lose weight from a specific body part?”

  1. twowords said :

    Not really, no. If you want to lose weight, you can’t choose parts. Get your whole body in shape is the only way. Even if you run or walk (best for legs) you’re going to lose belly, breast and arm fat.


  2. Nikki said :

    Try Callanetics….. my auntie swears by it and looks fab for her age.

  3. rach2513 said :

    there is a really good book out called Escape Your Shape based on your actual body shape – ie pear spoon ruler etc etc – some body shapes can do loads of cardio but it actually bulks the muscle whereas doing weight training can slim it – its quite a good informative book and explains what you should be doing to combat the areas you dont like according to your shape …….

    ‘spinning I’S EXCELLENT as a form of aerobis excerise and boy does that get you thighs skinny – also low carb high protein diet can also burn bpdy fat and make more muscle –

  4. Offkey said :

    You’ll lose weight just about everywhere. That being said, if you go on a diet AND do exercises for your legs (biking?), your legs will get slimmer as muscle takes less room that fat.


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