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How can I lose some fat on my legs then tone them in a month?

I am looking for a way to lose some weight/fat in my legs, just my legs. Everything else is toned and I need to tone my legs and lose some fat off of them in a month without diet, but with excersize. Does anyone know of a specific excerzise plan or movements that I can do to achieve this goal?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose some fat on my legs then tone them in a month?”

  1. blab said :

    Just don’t eat. They’ll shrink right down for ya!

    Or you can do the Master Cleanse. It’s helped thousands of people just like you Loose Weight and Feel Great! (plus you get to poop out toxins all day)

  2. crazy little thing called love said :

    you can try cardio workouts, i’m borrowing tapes from the library right now with cardio workouts and i feel like my legs are getting more tonned. you can also run or just walk for about an hour or two a day. good luck getting your legs toned!

  3. lv_consultant said :

    it is physiologically impossible to cause localized fat reduction through exercise.

    genetics determines where and how much fat gets stored in what location on the body. the same goes for fat loss. the body decides where it will release fat stores first and last, exercise has absolutely no effect on that.

    if you want to lose fat on your legs you have to reduce your body fat to a low enough level to see the desired results on your legs.

  4. zuuuuuuuuuumba said :



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