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How to lose weight fast? HELP?

Im 12, 5’4”, and weigh 131 pounds i look much older for my age.. i was just wondering what are some fast ways to lose weight? no pills please. Im already drinking water which has helped a little. PLEASE HELP MEEEE! I would like to lose at least 10 pouunds

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3 Responses to “How to lose weight fast? HELP?”

  1. MikeL said :

    Simple things: watch the food intake, get plenty of exercise, run if you can, start walking everyday if you don’t have the endurance to run. Stick with the water, no soda.

  2. Health is Wealth said :

    You should be encouraged by the possibility of starting a weight loss program. If you’re been thinking about losing weight fast, you should take comfort in knowing that there are programs that will help you do just that. If you haven’t found a program yet, don’t get discouraged and by all means, don’t give up your search.

    One of the things that you want to keep in mind is that you didn’t gain your weight overnight and you won’t be able to lose it over night. But if you’re thinking I need a program to help me lose weight fast, that’s good, and take heart in knowing that not only can you find such a program but you can start that program today and be well on your way to losing the weight you need to lose fast.
    One of the other ways that you may be considering as a way to shed the fat fast, may be some of the surgical options that are being advertised on the market today. These are viable alternatives that are virtually guaranteed to help you lose the weight. However, there are many risks associated with weight loss surgery and even though they do work, they are not entirely guaranteed to keep you from gaining the weight back.

    You must practice sensible eating habits once you have reached your ideal weight. If you are saying help me lose the weight fast, you should be prepared to follow up with your own self control and maintenance, after weight loss surgery, which is a control tool that works only while you are getting rid of those extra pounds.

    Many diet programs are self directed and require you to have a certain degree of self discipline. Those are great programs if you have that discipline. If you do not, consider joining a diet plan that offers direction, leadership, and support through the leaders and members of that group. Chances are the leaders will be former members who have tried the program, lost weight and now volunteer their time to help you do the same thing they have done.

  3. Uroj Ali said :

    A year ago, if someone told me that I would be happy with my weight in just over a month I would have laughed. Losing 30 pounds seemed so incredibly daunting – I was completely terrified of the process and thought I was destined for failure, so I never bothered trying. I was so completely scared of losing weight and the major change that it included. I’d tried things in the past, but nothing worked for me. I thought I was destined to have the extra weight on forever.
    I tried a weight loss program and was shocked to discover what an impact my hormones could have on my weight! Carefully following their special regimen, I was shocked to see how much weight I lost in a month. I was nearly at my goal weight already! They taught me exactly how to eat and control my diet, what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare it and how to think about food. Their fabulous system completely changed my life – I’ve never been happier with my weight, and I’ve never been able to think about food and the way I eat normally, and now I’m totally happy. I love my new body, and I am finally confident.
    This program is not expensive. Anyone can afford it because all you have to do to lose weight is pay once and then enjoy the advantages of this weight loss program all your life. On the contrary, those supplements and weight loss pills will need to be paid for regularly and besides, as soon as you stop taking them, all that expensive weight loss diet will become your enemy, causing you to actually gain back your lost pounds.
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