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How to Lose Thigh Fat FAST in about 5 Months?

hey, on may 27, i’m going on a field trip to the WI Dells, and we will have like 4 hours just to hang out with our friends in the Kalahari(however you spell it) Hotel, they said we can swim, so i want to lose some thigh fat just so i look better in the swimming suit, and so i’m healthier, so, i want to know how to lose it in about 5 months, any quick exercises that work really well? anything you have tried that gave you happy results, i’m not talking about me having MAJOR change, but at least a few inches off my things, i find all my weight has gone to my thighs since i’m skinny kinda everywhere else, so please, tell me what has worked for you,friends,family, or stuff you just have heard works well, i have about 5 months,so please help

on this trip we have to wear one pieces( so sad ) so i was wondering if you knew wear i could find a cute one piece, nothing plain or boring, i’m a little over 5ft, and around 90-100lbs, so if there is a store that would sell around that kind of size, to help i’m an Aeropostale Medium, Justice is a 16, please give me a store name please! thank you so much

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3 Responses to “How to Lose Thigh Fat FAST in about 5 Months?”

  1. Megan said :
  2. kaylaasue . said :

    i need to lose about 25 pounds by then as well .
    i’ve already lost 12 , in about 5 weeks .
    all i can tell you is , eat right & exercise .
    i use the “lose it” app on my ipod touch , idk if you have one .
    but if so , it’s a biiiigg help (:

    this is an adorable one piece .

  3. bailey said :

    Speed walk or run, bike, stair stepping or taking stairs, squats, and lunges will help you to lose that thigh fat, you can go to this site and you can see more exercises and a deeper way to do them, I know this helped in my case. I hope you have fun with your friends swimming. 🙂


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