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how to lose stomach fat fast? with no diet?

i have a disgusting fat stomach, and i want to lose it but its so hard for me to diet, like seriously i try to resist myself from eating junk but then i eat junk anyway. then ill get mad at myself for eating that and i’ll not eat for a loonng time, but that also doesnt help, it just makes me eat more. so is there any intense excersicing i can do to lose my belly fat? please and thank you!

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3 Responses to “how to lose stomach fat fast? with no diet?”

  1. SEA D said :

    1: an good sporting goods store has a “Plastic body shirt and pants”
    2: an DVD of dance to the music
    3: drink plenty of water
    4: 30 minute dance every day same time if possible. I do my at six
    am to be energized for the day.
    5: no eating after seven pm

  2. Jubulixwhai said :

    In order to make up for an unhealthy diet( in terms of mass gain) you’ll have to work harder and burn the excess calories your body is consuming.

    There is no effective way to target one single area, as you burn calories fat will be burned proportionally from your body. Meaning if you ride a bike for one hour a day at 20km/h you’ll burn 800 calories, if you have excess abdominal fat deposits the fat will be taken from your abdomen.

    PS: Don’t listen to the people advertising their products above, the long term effects are most likely unknown. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

  3. Elia Ringgold said :

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