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How do I lose belly fat fast?

My legs and arms are not fat at all, but my stomach in the front and on the sides is big. How can I loose this fast? I usually eat a bagel and juice for breakfast, a turkey sandwich with a diet coke for lunch, and chicken and a diet coke for dinner, and then a cookie. What should I change, and what exercises should I do?

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7 Responses to “How do I lose belly fat fast?”

  1. Hooppa KoKa said :

    Myth #5: If you do the right exercises, you can trim the fat off of certain areas of the body.

    The idea of spot reduction – that you can reduce the size of a particular area – is one of the most popular myths in the fitness industry. You cannot choose a particular area of the body and lose the fat there. Genetics play an important role in the natural shape of the body and where you store body fat. The good news is that you can change your shape, lose fat, and enhance muscle tone with a well-rounded exercise and diet routine. It is possible to target specific muscles for enhancement by focusing on the right exercises

  2. Hopey said :


  3. izzywizz :) said :

    replace diet coke with water. get rid of the bagel, that’s tons of calories. and the rest is good.

    best exercises: the ones for stomach and sides… try rope climbing as well. also love handles could be genetic, so you might not be able to lose that.

  4. Manny said :

    normally the first place your stomach stores fat is always the last place that your body will try burn it off

  5. Lucas said :

    Dieting is overrated, America is one of the fattest countries in the world because we choose to diet instead of working out, now dieting is fine, but it’ll probably take sometime to get fit that way. Exercise is the key, the lucky thing about you is that all you want to work out is your stomach, and ab and core exercises usually only are 4-10 minutes for the entire workout plus exercise will help you lose weight a lot faster and will make you look good instead of a really really skinny model

  6. mr right said :

    i have have lost belly fat very fast in just one month . i only eat my dinner very small amount( no fat food or shuger ) and i walked , suming ,sunna sometime running during daytime.

    {eat less do more.}

    when our body need energy if u dont eat ur body will take that energy from ur body fat and reduce ur belly fat . . i have lost 14 kg in 1month .now looking good .goodluck

  7. Paige M. said :

    Hey…..good news. You are not the only one with this issue. It is quite common and when people lose weight they can sometimes be left with a pouch that sits around the belly. This is for many reasons, stress fat, cortisol, lack of metabolic rate and just in general this area is the toughest and most stubborn of all fatty areas. I used 30days! Simple, the red bottle eliminates the fat sitting aorund the hips and belly, and the green bottle cleans you out, naturally. It is said that John Wayne and elvis had over 20-30lbs of weight just sitting in there belly pipes! Eveyone needs a detox and this one comes with another product to burn the belly fat off! Very neat!

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