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How to Looser Weight QUICKLY?

I have been trying to loose weight for months but sometimes I just give up because it isn’t working. I’m not in any sports; I don’t like them. I eat too much junk food and eat when i’m bored. I’m not obese. I have big hips, thighs and a little belly. I’m just chubby, basically. I want to loose weight for summer so I can look good in a bikini. Looking at myself makes me depressed. Al of my friends and skinny and when my sister says she’s fat, I want to punch her. xD B/c she is a size 2! I get out of school in 2 weeks! =(
I’m 16 by the way and i’m not sure if I can buy anyt product.

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One Response to “How to Looser Weight QUICKLY?”

  1. Lindsay said:

    Drink a lot!!
    That helps…


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