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how to drop weight these pounds off my life quickly before it kills me?

I am 34 yrs old and having a hard time trying to drop this weight off me,I want to be in a size 16w thats a start , because right now I am in a 22wplus size and it is depressing me greatly.I asked a question a couple of months ago about a shot called B12, the question was has anyone my size ever tried it ,and did it work if so how long ,before results??? I am like really desperate to loose this weight can anyone out there feel my pain?? please do not joke about this,if someone cares please email me tell me what to do ,cause I have tried to diet and excercise.I weigh 298 and my height is 5,3 .and yes I am very beautiful with mango cheeks redskined black women who wants her figure in a smaller frame again!! please someone answer me if you can truly help me my email is( [email protected]) who out there can help me to help myself ?????

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14 Responses to “how to drop weight these pounds off my life quickly before it kills me?”

  1. rynay said :

    sad to say, but the fastest wieght loss you can get is thru speed.

  2. shimmy said :

    Go get a lap band inserted round your stomach and you will start losing weight hand over fist. It’s the kinder way than the gastric bypass.

  3. Sam said :

    talk to your doctor about a weight loss plan. He will find some way no matter what condition prevents someone. Its just a matter of how bad you want it. I believe you can do it. It is possible. Good luck. But seriously talk to your doc b4 trying anything

  4. JP the Answer Pimp said :

    its all about burning more calories than you take in…but you cant lower you intake so much because if you starve yourself you body will get used to it and you will gain it all back…

  5. kathy p said :


  6. Jessy said :

    belly dancing helps sometimes so no one makes fun of u make them privet

  7. Drummer Boy said :

    Check out a book called “The Abs Diet.” It is published by Rodale, the publishers of Men’s Health (but this book is great regardless of gender). The most important thing for you to do first is educate yourself, and this book will help you do that.

    The whole premise is that the Abs Diet isn’t really a diet at all. It is just a different approach to eating (like eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger ones, for example). This book also has some very good exercises and workout programs.

    The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your lifestyle, and honestly, this book makes it much easier. I am a 5’11” guy who was not overweight really, but I weighed 205 lbs at one point. I dropped 25 pounds using the advise from this book, and it really helped give me more energy and generally feel better. Check it out, butdon’t expect overnight success. It will probably take you a year or two to get to where you want to be – but that’s ok. It is better than losing it quick on Adkin’s and then gaining it back. The long-term solution is better.

    Good luck!

  8. maamu said :

    First of all you must really be firm. 5’3″ and 298 lbs and you only wear a 22? Amazing.
    But there is no easy way. However, if you are willing, here are some pointers.
    Get a small notebook you can carry in your purse. One page for each day. Write down everything you eat that day–type of food, calories (fat grams also if you want). Make it neat and nice looking–this is going to be your bible for the next year.
    If you want to take it off fast drop to 800 calories a day. Yes, it is possible, no you won’t die, and no matter what anyone says, it is a lot healthier to eat 800 calories a day than to weigh 300 pounds.
    Once you start seeing the weight fall off, start some exercise–even just walking. Mark the exercise you did that day on you daily diet page.
    On 800 calories a day you are pretty limited on what you can eat. Fast food is gone. Buy a bunch of frozen dinners–they are quick and easy. Michelina’s makes some great ones (Lean Gourmet I think they are called). about a dollar each. Supplement your meals with celery and carrots.. celery and carrots are great filler foods.
    Keep that notebook with you at all times. It is fun to do computer programs to chart your weight loss, but that notebook is ALWAYS with you. Nothing gets eaten until it gets written down.

  9. psylockegurl said :

    My doctor had a long talk with me about my options, i was your size and 17 years old, very unhealthy. I was also going on my 4th year of bulimia, so it was not an overeating issue. he mentioned the shot but had me get alot of bloodwork done first and it turned out that my thyroid was majorly messed up. My metabolism would burn a total of 200 calories a day when a normal teen would burn 2500-3500. and i was gaining weight because i was put on a pill to nutrition my body (i had broken my back and the splinters of bone did a major tear-up job on my intestines, which made me depressed and majorly sick) so the nutrition pill totaled 500 calories so the small amount of calories i was actually ingesting would multiply and create major lipids because my system thought it needed it. My doctor put me on a pill for 4 weeks and i lost 20 pounds in the first week and a half. Now my system is back to normal, and my diet and exercise is what affects my weight. Talking to your doctor is a major step, in my opinion the “get thin fast” schemes are the same as the “get rich fast” ones. they put you up for a world of hurt. even the lapband system is supposed to be the less evasive weight loss procedure, but you will not eat or feel the same again! Whatever you do, just make sure you’re ready for it and contemplate the long-term effects!

  10. Shadow Queen said :

    I do feel your pain. I too am over weight but I’ve learned
    a long time ago that rapid weight loss is dangerous. The
    body just isn’t ready to handle that abuse. What I suggest
    is that you rethink your food choices, make healthier
    choices. Go for walks when you can,and get involved
    in anything that will take your mind off food. You need
    to lift yourself up out of your depression before you
    can lose weight. Try visiting the American Diabetes
    Association web site. They offer a very simple food
    chart that will help you make smart heart healthy choices.
    Also talk with a dietitian who can help you set up a
    sensible diet to follow. Remember, it took time to
    put this weight on so it will take time to take it off.
    The fact that you described yourself as beautiful is a

  11. CC said :


  12. Lozza said :

    A really good friend of mine has lost 32 kilo’s (not sure of pounds – I am an Aussie) on the Jenny Craig weight loss plan. It was really hard for her to start with, she looks absolutely amazing now, and she is so happy and wearing a size 16 (USA 14) – she was a size 28… It is great to have a support group for you to be able to chat to as well. Weight watchers has an online set up… Put a picture of yourself on the fridge of how you look now and how you would like to look now. Another great way is to say affirmations to yourself everyday too… Look for the Louise L Hay book, Your Can Heal Your Life… Good luck to you, you will do it!

  13. arum said :

    I can help you. Do this:

    1. Find something that can distract you, something interesting enough, that you can injoy it.

    2. Drink a LOT of water, it fills you up, it helps wash fat from your system, and many people think they are hungry, when their body is just craving water. Water also helps stop craving sweets, it really does.

    3. Start a walking program. Every morning as soon as it’s light, I go for a walk. I take quick short, steps, and swing my arms from side to side. This way it’s not hard on my joints, as long strides are.At first you will feel tired, and out of breath, but soon you will feel engergized, and happier. Start with a short walk, then extend it. Do this every day. Make sure you stretch BEFORE you walk, and AFTER you walk, or you will be very sore the next day.

    4. Don’t bring fat into the house, like doughnuts, potato chips, icecream, etc… Eat fruit as a snack. Cut up carrots and cellery, and other vegetables and keep them in the fridge so you can snack on them.

    5. Don’t go back for seconds, eat small portions.

    6.Don’t eat at night.

    7. Tell yourself that you are a thin person, and that you don’t live to eat, you eat to live.

    8. As you loose weight,(and you WILL, if you incorperate these rules into your life),reward yourself, by eating a banna split. Yes, you heared right,eat a banna split. Sometimes you can do this on the weekend, then start all over on Monday. Just don’t go overboard. 🙂

    9. Think about how happy you will be when your are thin, and this will help you reach your goal.

    10. As you start to get weak, think about how you will feel AFTER you eat that CAKE. You will be depressed.

    If you do this, and try to eventually incorperate these rules into your life, you will get thinner, and you will be a happier, healther, more confident,more desireable person. My thoughts are with you as you begin this journey. Remember, – ” If It is to be, it’s up to ME”. 🙂

  14. inquiringminds said :

    I understand how you are feeling. Feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? But, if you really want to do something in your life, you will.

    Patience is the first thing. It is going to take quite a while to lose the amount of weight you want to lose, and that’s OK! 🙂 Take it one day at a time. You didn’t gain it in a month, right?

    I agree that you must talk to your doctor BEFORE you start your new weight loss program. Please DO NOT take any drugs, and research with your doctor the pros and cons of weight loss surgery. 🙂

    Ask your doctor, if you like my suggestions, if these are right for you: First, I would stop eating any and all fast foods and fried foods. Eat five or six small meals a day every 2-3 hours, and no food two-three hours before you go to bed. If you like pop, drink low-sugar or sugar free pop, but limit it to one can a day. Drink lots of ice water throughout the day. Incorporate lean meats (chicken, fish, sirloin beef), veggies, fruits, and whole grains into your new meal plan. Focus on purchasing/choosing lower fat, lower sugar, lower salt, and lower calorie foods for your small meals. If you like to eat out, eat your small portion, and take the rest home in a doggy bag. By small, I mean about the same size as your hand in a fist. Take a multi-vitamin daily, too. I also agree with the person who said that starving yourself will only sabotage your efforts. Eating small meals 5-6 times a day and drinking water will make sure you don’t feel like you are starving.

    Then, try walking every day. Even if you begin at 10 minutes per day, it is a good thing! Eventually, work your way up to 30 minutes a day. Eat your meal at your desk, and then walk during your lunch break. Or, walk when you get home before your evening meals. My doctor encourages me to do weight training twice a week — saying it is especially good for women to help prevent osteoperosis. Use small weights for your arms, like 5 or 10 pounds, and start with 10 to 12 repetitions per exercise. Then, increase the number of sets of repetitions over time. Look at the ediets web site for some exercises you can do in your home.

    You will see results, just not overnight. If you stop, you will not see results. Simple as that! Just keep moving forward! I struggle with my weight, too. No, I do not have as much to lose as do you, BUT feeling overweight and knowing that you need to lose weight is hurtful and overwhelming, be it 100 pounds or 10 pounds. 🙂

    Talk to your doctor (have I said that enough to be obnoxious yet?), make a plan, have patience with yourself, and don’t give up. Pretty soon, you will be looking and feeling like the “real” you — the you that you know you are.

    All the best!


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