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how can i gain weight semi- quickly?

i am a dancer and i cant stop dancing so i just keep loosing a lot of weight and im way too skinny… anyone know of some way to gain weight…? preferably quickly cuz i dont wanna be sooper skinny much longer!! 🙂 thanks

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3 Responses to “how can i gain weight semi- quickly?”

  1. Avatar said :

    eat a lot of carbs and sugars….try to be as non-active as possible..u shud start ti bulk up within a week

  2. ♫ɑɱʏ♥ said :

    Take up your calorie intake, eat around 2500-3000(depends on how MUCH you exercise) calories a day to gain weight. Eat a lot of low volume but high calorie foods such as peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, beans, grains. Good luck, girly!

  3. John A said :

    Eat peanut butter and drink milk


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