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how to increase metabolism to reduce weight quickly?

actually i want to loose 8-10 kg in the coming month…so guys tell me how to increase metabolism to reduce weight quickly?

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5 Responses to “how to increase metabolism to reduce weight quickly?”

  1. Steven said:

    Cut out all soda’s, sugars, and dairy. Eat every two hours small things and get daily exercise. You don’t have to exercise but it will speed it up and help with metabolism alot. Just eat small meals every few hours at least 5-6 times a day.

  2. m.m said:

    a little extra muscle will increase your bodies ability to breakdown calories even at rest…
    so lift some weights and built a little, then support that w/ regular exercise and a good (low carb, sufficient protein & fibre) diet.

  3. Charlie said:

    Metabolism is based on physical activity, how fast you metabolize food, or sweat it out. If you wear a sweat suit when you jog or exercise, you will sweat off more pounds quickly, but make sure to eat a lot of salt, to put back the salt you lose from the sweat.

  4. Yesenia said:

    i heard driking coffee at least one cup per day, increases you metabolism

  5. B said:

    Do not cut out all dairy. You NEED the calcium from it, and the protein in it helps to satiate appetite. Just don’t overdo it and eat only low fat/fat free dairy products.

    Exercise a lot and eat every 2-3 hours. And don’t eat past 7pm. Your natural circadium rhythm keeps your metabolism at its best before this time.


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