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How to loose weight veryy fast!! Diabetes?

Hi guys, my best friend is looking for a way to loose weight quickly, ive suggested changing her diet and only eating when she’s hungry- because that has worked out for me..but she cant manage because she is diabetic..does anyone have any tips for a diabetic to loose weight…thankz

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4 Responses to “How to loose weight veryy fast!! Diabetes?”

  1. Loredana M said :

    unfortunately is very difficult. diabetics must have 5 meals daily. she can try by excluding pasta and potatoes, walking long distances actually to count the calories intake. they must be below 1500/day. she need patience as well, the ideal diet is when you lose about 300 grams/month.

  2. Dr.Dhan said :

    Activation of pancreas by acupressure techniques with the aid of an acupressure kit, starving under the supervision of a dietician/physician
    shall help her to lose weight.

  3. ZeeLee said :

    i am pre-diabetic, and so i had to try to lose some weight too. I was given metformin tablets. This helps the insulin actually get into and nourish your cells. This means that your cells get full, and no longer tell you to eat when you’re not hungry!!! Metformin also breaks down the negative build up of hormones so that you body can start to function normally again.

    It’s a fairly simple drug, with a low rate of side effects, and I am surprised that she wouldn’t already be on it.

  4. eefs said :

    firstly if your friend is constantly having to eat to keep from going low, or is having lows regularly, then her insulin needs to be adjusted, in which case she must go to her diabetic doctor.

    diabetics should be following a healthy meal plan and exercise regime anyways to keep sugars in good control.

    if she looks into low GI foods, these will keep her sugars level, less of a spike after meals and will sustain her hunger.

    it is tough for diabetics to loose weight because insulin promotes the storage of fat in the body and when you burn off fat a by-product is ketones which make diabetics ill. when this happens insulin is needed to get rid of them. so its a cycle.

    but its not a cycle that cant be broken.

    the best thing she could do is talk to her doc about a different regime for her insulin for instance carbohydrate counting. she should defo exercise as well, but be careful to reduce insulin beforehand, eat something light and check for ketones after. and if they appear, take insulin accordingly.

    if there are things she doesn’t really know about in my answer, a diabetic nurse will be able to answer any more questions (ie ketones) and a nutritionist can help with diet.

    most diabetics have access to these resources.


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