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how does a 13 year old girl with diabetes loose weight fast?

i am doing a project for health class and we need to know how a 13 year girl who has diabetes and isn’t overweight but still chubby can loose weight fast. We already have work out more and eat less.

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2 Responses to “how does a 13 year old girl with diabetes loose weight fast?”

  1. Tim D said :

    Eat smaller meals at regular times.

  2. reginachick22 said :

    I think you need to be careful here. There is a lot of confusion about the types of diabetes that can occur in children.

    Back in the day (before children started becoming obese), children typically developed what’s called “Type 1 diabetes”. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body’s immune system mistakenly kills the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. The cause is not known, but viruses and genetics are thought to play a role, and there is no known way to prevent Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is not cause by being overweight or by eating bad foods. *Typically* Type 1 diabetics are thin. Type 1 diabetes typically has a sudden clinical onset and is fatal (will kill you) without insulin treatment and medical care. Insulin is needed for life. In the general population, *most* kids with “diabetes” have Type 1. The exception is in non-white communities (black, latino, Indian), where most kids have Type 2.

    Now due to the obesity epidemic, kids are getting “Type 2 diabetes”. Type 2 diabetes is the common form of diabetes that is linked to obesity, older age, certain non-white racial groups, the modern Western diet/processed foods, and inactivity. Type 2 diabetes can often (but not always) be delayed or even prevented. Lifestyle can make a big difference for those with Type 2 diabetes.

    It is important to point out that the two diseases are different. One major dangerous trend among Type 1 diabetic teens to get extremely skinny is to skip their full insulin doses. This is VERY dangerous. It is called “diabulimia”, and it can kill. Even if you don’t die in the short term from diabetic coma (DKA), you may be blind or have kidney failure and be very sick by 20. You may not live much longer than that.

    For this reason, and the fact that Type 1 diabetes is complex to manage and can be fatal if mismanaged, you *should NOT* be giving suggestions for how a “diabetic teen should lose weight fast”. Since most kids with diabetes (generally speaking) have Type 1, this would be not responsible. Your teacher should know better. Type 1 diabetic teens who need to lose weight should *always* speak with their own healthcare provider(s) (i.e. doctor) about how to manage their diabetes in order to lose weight safely. It is dangerous for a Type 1 diabetic to exercise more and eat less unless they know how to adjust their insulin. And only a medical professional can help them with that.

    Your teacher should be stating that this “project” is clearly about a teen with Type 2 diabetes, and she should be explaining the difference about the 2 main forms of diabetes. That is negligent if she is not.

    As for your question:

    A child with Type 2 diabetes who is still growing should not be on a crash diet to lose weight fast. A change in dietary habits will go a long way. Managing Type 2 diabetes is about a lifestyle change for life. Junk foods should be out of the house. Allow small treats once in awhile to prevent “binges”. I agree that eating smaller more frequent meals are best. Eat foods in their natural state, and avoid boxed, frozen, and canned foods as much as possible. Fresh fish, brown rice, low glycemic fruits, fresh vegetables, and good fats like olive oil are great ideas. These foods can tasty and fun. Try a vegetable stir-fry made with olive oil, and some fruit, cheese and nuts as a snack.

    Make sure that the teen is eating the correct number of calories for their weight and activity level.

    Walking everywhere (to school) and playing sports is a great way to get active daily.

    Limit TV and video game time.

    Good luck on your project!


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