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How to loose weight fast and Healty?

I just got married five months ago and my job requires me to sit all the time and now that my job is closing i will have a lot of free time and I need to loose weight fast and in a healthy way any suggestions. also will just walking do the Trick?

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5 Responses to “How to loose weight fast and Healty?”

  1. robin c said :

    I am a Wellness coach, and have a website you can take a look at. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. regina said :

    walking will not only burn fat and calories but it will tone legs and butt as well eat low fat meals and lots of h20 that will do it


  3. ma01 said :

    Walking can work but you have to do it at least 4 times a week (preferably everyday) and walk fast. If you want to burn more fat change your route every now and then, include hills as well. Just maintain a healthy diet and you should find you look and feel better in no time

  4. Drill Sergeant CMA said :

    Change your eating habbits. Stay away from starch (potatos, rice, pasta, bread, etc). Starch is hard for your body to break down, its a slow release energy. It should only be eaten (in large amounts) by long distance runners. It creates a slow steady release of small amounts of energy, unlike, lets say a candy bar, that gives you a jolt of energy. Eat starches with caution, try only small amounts once a week.

    Also, do not eat between 7pm and 7am (if you sleep at night). Your body naturally slows down close to your sleeping schedule, slowing your metabolism, resulting in the food being digested when you sleep, turning it into fat.

    Walk faster, everywhere you go. If your walking around the store, walk quickly (not super fast, just quicker than normal). This gets your metabolism working harder. its a good habbit to get into and its easy. Part further from entrances to buildings to allow further walking.

    Eat 5 meals a day. Eat 3 normal size meals (a meal with a side) and two meals inbetween (consisting of just a side like a side salad or apple). This will get your metabolism working longer, working all day instead of just peak times when you normally eat. This along with walking quicker anytime you walk will dramatically increase your metabolism. Eat slower. The faster you eat, the less time your body has to respond that your eating a lot (or how much your eating). If you eat slower, you get fuller quicker.

    When you work out, do non-weight exercises. Do flutter kicks, jumping jacks, running, stretches, etc. I recommend getting a Wii. Its great exercise (even the game that comes with it). If not, punch a punching bag. Its great exercise also.

    You will see great results quickly if you do these things. Above all else, have fun with it. If you have fun, you will stick with it. Change your habbits and you will see the weight go away and stay gone.

  5. nick m said :

    walking is a start. in order to loose weight fast you need a complete weight loss plan. i could not loose weight no matter what i tried. then i came across this website and it was extremely helpful in helping me loose weight. i even started a blog about it.


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