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How to LOOSE FAT ???!! fast and without strong Diet?

What kind of exercise to loose quickly Fat ?
Is it possible to loose weight without running ?

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7 Responses to “How to LOOSE FAT ???!! fast and without strong Diet?”

  1. Floating Brain said :

    if you don’t want to run you can use the exercise bikes.

    just eat healthy and do cardiovascular activities(ones that get heart rate up and burn fat)

  2. Mister Phobe to you. said :

    You will never make it loose, it would be best to lose it.

  3. loki said :

    cut off your head…you aren’t using it and you’ll lose five pounds of fat.

    The word is LOSE

    As for your other questions, you are too lazy to ever lose weight. Get used to wearing “comfortable” slacks

  4. Alex Clements said :

    – Walk
    – Drink lots of water & Green Tea
    – Eat nuts & fruits & yoghurt & vegetables
    – Stay away from high calorie foods.
    – Try to do a couple of sit-ups and push-ups.
    – Stop smoking or drinking if you do.

    Wait like a month and you’ll see results. It’s the fastest Healthy way to lose weight.

    Good luck.

  5. ans said :

    dude you are energetic..
    yoga might help you

  6. Johaan Abraham said :

    hi! actually, if you are looking to loose weight fast or at least look thinner fast, do this :

    Take a Redoxon and put it in a cup of water. Then do the same thing after a few minutes. Do this at night and you will surely look noticably thinner and leaner the next day! 😉

    GOOD LUCK! and if you cant find Redoxon, use any effervescent that is safe to consume (ex: vitamin effervescents) and do the same thing !

  7. Angel said :

    Quick answer:
    The Fastest way to lose fat is to do repetitive fasting along with a high protein, high “good fat” diet.
    Do it under a doctors supervision. Dr. Bragg has great books on the subject.

    Yes you can loose weight without running. WALK!
    A good steady walk will get you loosing more fat while loosing less lean muscle mass.


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