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How many calories should I be consuming a day to lose weight?

I am 21, 5’1″ and a half, and I weigh 110lbs.

My diet usually consists of:

Porridge made with skimmed milk topped with sliced banana.
An oatmeal bread sandwich with tuna, cucumber, tomato and low fat spread.
An apple.
Chicken and vegetables.
A clementine.

This usually takes me to about 1100 calories in a day or just under/over. I do light activity. How many calories should I ideally be consuming in a day to lose weight healthily?

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4 Responses to “How many calories should I be consuming a day to lose weight?”

  1. Tedi said :

    That sounds pretty healthy to me, as long as your diet is balanced and your getting the right vitamins, which it looks to be

  2. Jlynn said :

    don’t cut any calories from your diet, you need to increase your physical activity instead.

  3. ddog said :

    as long as you are burning more calories than you are taking in you will lose weight. So exercising and eating healthy like your are should lead in weight loss.

  4. MotoX86 said :

    Why do you want to loose weight? Your already in the healthy ideal weight of the BMI zone.
    If you have some extra weight in certain areas then you need to do exercises that target those areas.


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