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How many calories do i burn a day including when i exercise while recovering from anorexia?

im a recovering anorexic and i dont know how many calories i should be consuming if my metabolism is pretty slow. i exercise everyday but not too much. i do about 30-40 mins of powerwalking and some weight training. how many calories do i need if i have exercise in my daily routine? and what should i be eating, how much of it and how often while recovering from anorexia?

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7 Responses to “How many calories do i burn a day including when i exercise while recovering from anorexia?”

  1. Kc Mrow said :

    Honestly, you don’t sound as if you are recovering to me.

  2. NT said :

    if you are recovering from anorexia, try to think of how much you were consuming to begin with. once you figure that out start increasing your calories slowly, because otherwise you may damage your body. make sure you spread your meals throughout the day like 4-6 small meals and eat fruits, veggies, tuna, chicken, stuff like that and stay away from fat processed foods…hope that helps

  3. krazycatlady420 said :

    If you are still obsessing about calories and excersize, you are not recovered. You need to eat less than 20 grams of fat per 2,500 calories (approximate) and get at least 30 minutes of excersize a day. Period.

  4. alaina g said :

    im recovering too as well with a eating disorder it sux ass but if your exercising you need to eat more that will stablize your weight enigh though u dnt like the number of ur weight try to follw a meal plan by ur nutrionist.

  5. il-rummana said :

    ask your nutritionist, thats their job

  6. Dan Mn said :

    Women should eat 2000 calories a day, but as you are recovering you shouldn’t be worrying about calories (except not eating enough).
    Weight training doesn’t sound too healthy for someone trying to put on weight and recover, and I personally don’t think you should be doing weight training when recovering from an eating disorder. You should limit your excercise, maybe someting like 15 mins of strenuous excercise (weight training) or 45 mins of gentle excercise (power walking), and as i said before women are recommended to eat 2000 calories a day so you should set yourself a minimum amount of calories to eat each day, and it’s pointless eating a healthy amount if you are going to over excercise. You need to balance the amount of food you eat with excercise.

  7. prettyskinnyprimadonna said :

    okay some of these responses are just uncalled for. there is nothing wrong with counting calories. in fact you need to count the calories so you dont overeat or undereat. overeating or undereating results in a slow metabolism. EVERYONE SHOULD COUNT CALORIES AND EXERCISE OFTEN FOR GOOD HEALTH. I suggest starting off eating 1200-1400 a day. I am not sure how much you weigh, if you are underweight then you might want to up the calories and just exercise for toning. For me I eat 1200 a day and I run and lift weights everyday for an hr. I also count my calories and I weigh myself once a week to make sure my weight doesn’t get too low- bc thats not healthy either.
    best of luck, this is all about trial and error every person is different so i cant tell you what to do. congrats on the recovering! I am sure it took alot to overcome it.
    hope this helped!


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