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How many calories should I be burning from exercise to lose my love handles?

I’ve started a diet, by consuming 500 less calories a day and eating healthier, but I’m curious how many calories should I be burning from exercising per day?

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7 Responses to “How many calories should I be burning from exercise to lose my love handles?”

  1. Miguel said :

    well you have to do exercise everyday as i have been told to lose love handles since they’re stored fat. i recommend running everyday and burning at least 500 calories everyday.

  2. ? said :

    You want to burn as many as you can, don’t worry about counting them.

  3. What Zit Tooya said :

    Burn 500 more calories a day than you eat. That is the way to do it.

  4. Bri said :

    the key is to do cardio exercises not counting calories (eating healthy will help you lose weight, but specifically targetting your problem areas by doing crunchs, pushups etc, will get you the lean muscle you want). for the love handles, walking/jogging/running is the best along with bicycle situps. Calories aren’t what you should be focusing on if you wanna tone up (you already seem like you have a good idea with that since your subracting 500 calories from your basic needs). if you aren’t that into shape, walking for half and hour burns 100 calories, and walking works out your hip muscles which are where love handles are located… hope this helps!

  5. Vince M said :

    The equation, in its most basic terms is that you should be burning more calories than you are taking in to burn fat. So, even if you consume 500 fewer calories than you were before, you might STILL not burn off any fat if you are taking in more than you burn.

    The other part of your “love handle” issue is that you can’t select where the fat will burn off. You can’t direct which part of the body will first lose fat tissue.

    And, it’s not just “formal” exercises that burn calories. Merely living burns calories, as does walking to the kitchen, getting dressed, even thinking and watching TV requires energy. You can burn some extra calories by adding more physical activity to your daily activities, such as by walking to places that you might have driven to. You can climb stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator. You can park at the far end of the lot instead of driving around looking for the closest space.

    It all adds up and applies to that “basic equation” I mentioned.

  6. Dev said :

    You’ll need to be exercising enough that your BMR (basal metabolic rate) plus activities and exercise equals more calories used than you’re taking in.

    To get an idea of your BMR, visit Wikipedia and plug in your numbers. Then add the calories you burn from exercise and activities.

    Each pound of fat takes 3500 Calories to burn off. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend more than a 1000 kCal difference, biased to exercise, on the average, daily so you’re looking at three or four days per pound. Then again, that’s just me.

    The important thing is to still eat regularly and stay hydrated.

    Good luck.

  7. Healthy Helen said :

    Exercises are best way to loose love handles.It will help you to loose at much higher rate and also start eating healthy foods


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