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How many calories a day to gain weight rapidly?

I have a very fast metabolism and am planning on starting to lift weights as well as go running again.

I want to gain weight, both muscle and fat, doesn’t matter. How many calories to gain weight considering my fast metabolism and three-four day/week working out?

What if I don’t work out, how many calories then?


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6 Responses to “How many calories a day to gain weight rapidly?”

  1. elf said :

    Try 3500 calories a day
    Eats tons of protein stuff like meat, etc.

  2. shortie0609 said :

    ha all i can think of is eat as much as u can. cuz u dont wanna liek throw up. but i healthier food is always better cuz if u work out with that…u can build muscles. and muscle is always better.

  3. Narcissist said :

    Log on to

  4. marion h said :

    I don’t know but just eat junk food…
    Mc Donals, Wendys, Burgerking, Talco bell…

    Everyone that eats there seem to be fat…

  5. Alyssa C said :

    I would reccomend pasta’s. Meats. Stay away from sugars.

  6. everyidistaken12 said :

    If you want to gain weight, then running is very counter-productive.

    And no one can give you an answer as you haven’t provided your current weight. I am 185 pounds (83kilos) and need at least 3500 calories during a bulking phase. However I am a mesomorph, so I do no have a raging metabolism.


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