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How do you lose weight in your torso area?

So I have this shirt that my mom’s friend gave me, and it’s a bit tight in the chest area.
My mom tells me to lose weight there, but whenever I diet, I only lose flab in my stomach.
And I really like that shirt.

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4 Responses to “How do you lose weight in your torso area?”

  1. lanks31 said :

    I have a similar issue and I too feel that whenever i lose weight its in other places when i hear all the time it will be in your chest. I’d suggest push ups and lots of running, at first the push ups might bring your chest out more but eventually the muscle will burn the flab in the chest area.

  2. Nick said :

    The key to losing weight is to combine a good diet, strength training and the most important part cardio exercise. Go for a run, a jog, cycling or something similar and that will definetly help.

    Try this step by step guide on losing weight on your torso area.

    Hope this helps you.

  3. Health said :

    Try the Fat X diet and workout program. The diet and workout videos are free at.. Good luck!

  4. Angle said :

    Losing weight is a simple mathematical formula: You need to burn more calories than you eat. Experts generally recommend creating a deficit of 500 calories per day through a combination of eating fewer calories and increasing physical activity. Over the course of a week, this should yield a loss of about 1-2 pounds of fat.If you want to lose weight faster, you’ll need to eat less and exercise more. Bottom line: 1,050 to 1,200 calories and one hour of exercise a day (but be sure not to dip below this calorie level for safety’s sake). On this type of plan, you can expect to lose 3-5 pounds the first week, or more if you weigh over 250 pounds.


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