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How do I lose weight quickly- in the belly area?

So, I weigh a few more pounds than I would like to. I would like to lose 10-15 lbs. What is a quick way to do that, without spending a lot of money? Does anyone have some type of diet plan they use that is effective?

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4 Responses to “How do I lose weight quickly- in the belly area?”

  1. Emma said :


  2. blondie said :

    Sit ups and long walks 🙂

  3. kandygurl1243 said :

    just do a lot of cardio. you don’t need to run but will help. power walking will do too. when you do so, wear a waist trimmer which will help you sweat. also drink a lot of water. that’s helps a lot.

  4. spaghettiarms said :

    count calories. limit yourself to 1500 a day. and run. on go for a long fast walk. 3-5 times per week. save your money, the gimmicks don’t work. to lose weight you have to burn more than you take in. it’s that simple. if you’re not losing you need to burn more and take in less on a daily basis. so stick with a healthy plan daily and you will see a change in a couple of weeks. after that you can decide if you need to up your exercise or cut your calories to get to where you want to be.unfortunately you really can’t control where the fat you lose comes from. it comes from all over your body uniformly and the belly is often the last weight to go. but if you stick to a healthy intake and get regular exercise you will get there. be healthy and take care!


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