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How do you loose weight fast?

I am a little over weight and I want to loose at least 20 pounds, what is a fast and easy way?

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4 Responses to “How do you loose weight fast?”

  1. Truth said :

    Do not attempt to take any unknown substances or supplements. The best way to lose weight is the old fashioned way, take your time, exercise and find a steady healthy diet that works for you. There is no such thing as a miracle way of losing weight over night, or even in just one week as the ads on tv promise. Willpower = weightloss, you have to want it to do it.

  2. Michael said :

    Get rid of the unhealthy food from ur house that should be a good incentive to losing weight.

  3. jdk2509 said :

    What did it for me was eating smaller portions (more often). I live on a hill, so I do a bunch of walking too.

    If you’re lifting weights and eat protein, you’ll be bulking up, gaining muscle.

  4. shimzrock said :

    try foreverliving products.the foreverliving ultra lite drink in chocolate chiffon flavor.they also come in vanilla and chocolate.substitute your breakfast and dinner with this.but have your regular lunch.remember to have healthy food.vegetables and fruits are very important.teh best way to take veggies is to extract the juice.and drink it at will help you cleanse your colon and you will eliminate in the this as a routine and you will not just lose weight,but you will surely be healthy…in adition you can take a food supplement,like forever garcinia tablet.its also a foreverliving product,its for appetite take it before meal.1 tablet twice a day..hope this will work for you…good luck. God Bless.


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