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How do I start gaining muscle?

I am 16 and 140 lbs. I have been working out in the gym for like 9 weeks every other day and I really have not gained any muscle. My arms have not gotten bigger. Any suggestions????
By the way I am 6ft 1

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3 Responses to “How do I start gaining muscle?”

  1. HALLOWEEN81 said:

    it takes a while. to pack on muscle you have to take in lots of protein and eat alot of food. start eating things high in protein. shakes,tuna fish be sure as soon as you get done working out drink a protein shake. also go to the library and get some books on it.

  2. vivotrixz said:

    if u want big muscle i advise to do exactly what this video says
    down is the link must watch

    this exersice made me get big good lookin biceps triceps and 6 packs and makes ur chest big
    and ur back stronger


  3. Tony said:

    Increase your protein intake and water also take a multi-vitamin. You may also want to consider an ingredient in supplements which may help you grow your muscles


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