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how do I skip meals and overcome hunger, to lose weight fast?

I want to lose weight really fast, i hate how i look…
and please don’t give me that no! eat healthy, im worried about you crap.
or you shouldntdo that its hurting your body crap.
just tell me how, if youv’e been through it, and if it helped.
or if you know how. thanks.
im a male
weigh around 200 punds
hate my outerself
don’t tell me how to eat right..
just how to skip meals and overcome hunger, tell me how you lived through it or how to do it.

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12 Responses to “how do I skip meals and overcome hunger, to lose weight fast?”

  1. catalina91k said :

    THAT WOULD BE IDIOTIC! You can lose 3 pounds a week eating good and exercising, so y would you starve become sick and die??

  2. JDE said :

    If you skip meals your metabolism will slow down and you won’t lose any weight. Eat small healthy meals throughout the day and exercise.

  3. kuzcodash24 said :

    I dont know how i did it, but a month ago i ate only one meal a day, and no snacks or even a crumb in between meals.

    its been one month today, and i feel better than ever.

    Whenever you feel hungry, drink water.

    Water is what got me through this. Drink as much as you can possibly hold.

  4. coconut_grove8 said :

    by simply eating no carbs after breakfast and drinking only water you can lose alot of weight. but just so you kno when you skip a meal and then eat later on your body nxt time will keep the food for a longer time (not sure how to explain but it will seem as though you are not losing weight). so you should excercise, and keep yourself hydrated. *but if you refuse the healthy better advice than every hour (except when sleeping) have a slice of cheese and possibly a low fat cracker, just to provide some nutrition to yur body and continur to only drink water*

  5. keshequa87 said :

    Been there done that. Stay as busy as possible (my house was never so clean) and drink water constantly through a straw.

  6. jrhd97 said :

    If you skip meals your body thinks it is going to starve and will slow its metabolism down and start storing the food in the form of fat. This is counter productive to what you want to accomplish.
    Eat 4 – 5 small meals a day, with little to no snacks. Your body will realize it is getting plenty of fuel and will speed up its metabolism and burn more fat. Don’t eat a lot of junk, that will just add more fat and junk to your body making it harder for your body to catch up.

  7. iliketodreambig said :

    eat pineapple and drink water. follow the beverly hills diet. it works. cut out all sugar and salt and fried anything. and get as active as you can, like try to do more in one day then you normally do in 2 days. Always be on the move.

  8. Rolando G said :

    i like dancing as a hobby so when i dance i take my mind off eating. Try a hobby or sleeping. I heard it you nap alot you wont eat as much. But dont let it become a habit limit it. Oh and whatever you do DONT EAT AFTER 8 pm someone told me that your metabolism slows down causing you to gain more weight.

  9. Ginger<33 said :

    make sure you frink at leats 64 ounces of water a day

  10. ♥ PeTaB ♥ said :

    Exercise for 1 and a half hours 6 days a week!
    Stop eating crap and start eating chicken, fish or tofu with fresh salads or vegies.
    Cut out carbs after lunch (Your body needs carbs to live!)
    Drink 1 litre of water for every 25 kg of body weight!

    Don’t skip meals as your body goes into starvation mode and we will not lose anything (and when you go back to eating normal your body will store it in case you stop eating again!) – in other words take your weight now and add on 10 kg (That will be you!)

    I had a friend who started skipping meals, then stopped meals altogether… now she no longer has a menstrual cycle, cannot have kids, has gross teeth and body odour and she is very big as she has stuffed up her body!

    Just so you know I am not worried about you as it is really your body and if you want to f*ck it up then so be it! Not my problem!

  11. friedach said :

    There is NO safe way to lose weight quickly AND keep it off! You must learn self control, self denial and how to defeat self defeating behaviours. You didn’t get where you are overnight, and getting back will take time and effort. It is possible, and you can do it. You WILL have slipups, just get over them and get back on track. Fad diets don’t work, this requires long term lifestyle changes, big enough to make a difference, modest enough to live with. The mathematics are 1gm of carb or protein =7KJ, 1gm fat=14KJ
    typical adult male, 75KG needs abt 7,000KJ/day for modest activity in a temperate climate. Airconditioning people have a better range of figures for more variations from the norm. Women use slightly more energy for the same body mass as a male. You can work out how many weeks you can expect to take to reduce to a stated weight at a given energy intake, and allow for weather and activity. Weigh yourself only weekly, at a similar time of the day, as weight varies considerably over a day, and it’s the long term trend you need to focus on. You need enough bulk to not be hungry, but low energy (and low GI) foods from a variety of sources, preferably fresh foods-NOT pills.

  12. Agent319.007 said :

    From a common stand point, you want a straight answer.
    Here’s three things that worked for me. I used to be 60 lbs overweight, now I’m 70 less.

    1.) Buy an exercise suit and proper running shoes.
    2.) An appointment to join a gym where there are all kinds of exercise machines.
    3.) A freaking iPod

    You know what to eat and put in your mouth. Other than drinking water because exercise dehydrates you, you’re on your way to not hating how you look.

    Simple. End of story.


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