Best way to use Slim Fast to lose weight fast…Im going to replace to meals a day with shakes.?

Then eat a “sensible” dinner, for 3 months to lose weight for summer. My goal is 17 pounds. I am 5’5″ and weigh 145. I do best at 125, and look best. Need advice.

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2 Responses to “Best way to use Slim Fast to lose weight fast…Im going to replace to meals a day with shakes.?”

  1. S.Adithya said:

    just drink hot water after ur food.
    dont come for dieting..
    its not the best and advisable way to loose weight
    just eat as u wish, walk ,exercise and drink hot water after u food

  2. Ask The Fruitcake Lady ™² said:

    Well celebrities never eat carbs after 7pm , some of them say 5pm , and as long as its not like four cheeseburgers before 5 , then you should be OK . Then main thing to keep in mind is to get that 30 mins of cardio, but dont overwhelm yourself , start with walking, then add ankle weights .

    You dont really have to do the whole starving diet , but hey if you want to . Thats up to you. Yes, it does sound like it should work .

    here is a suggestion for meals

    Breakfast : cream of wheat or oatmeal , skim milk , fruit

    snack : dry toast with peanut butter ( stay away from wheat products that doesnt say “gluten free” all wheat has it and it acts like a glue inside your body ) , and maybe a fat free yogurt .

    Lunch : progresso soup ( light soup is only 60 cals. )
    or some kind of soup , not enough? have alittle salad .

    remember ALWAYS have a little salad before dinner . It give you a light airy feeling and fills you up more so you eat less of the heavy fatty foods .

    Good luck and I hope this helps


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