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How do i motivate my husband to lose weight?

The doctor has told my husband to lose weight but i can not get him to work out and try to lose it. I ask him to walk or ride bikes with me and i get the same answer all the time, “i’m tired right now”. He also uses the complaint that he has bad knees. I know he has knee probles but i would think working out and losing weight would help that also. Please help me find a way to get him to work out with me.

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18 Responses to “How do i motivate my husband to lose weight?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    Sounds like you’re doing all you can, its up to him and if he isnt motivated then it probably wont work.

  2. Lez beau said :

    Start feeding him healthier. Maybe you can encourage him to swim. Swimming is excellent cardio, and is great for people that have joint problems. Other then that, I don’t know what else to tell you then, GOOD LUCK.

  3. incognito said :

    Use the “If you love me…” And also say, “I love you, I just want you to be healthy. The doctor has told you you need to lose weight.”

  4. boo66_2001 said :

    You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. It sounds like you’re doing what you can do. I also have bad knees, show him that an EFX walker is very low impact and won’t hurt his knees. Good luck!!!

  5. zoo2626 said :

    he should exercise at least a little bit….if not, can you make changes to his diet? exercising will actually increase his energy level. sounds strange, but it’s a fact. or you can always play the sex card and tell him you’re not attracted to him as much/any more….sex always motivates a guy!

  6. KIM A said :

    I have tried to motivate my husband to loose weight he justs gets angry! He thinks sex is the answer he can burn calories!!

  7. aspie_pride said :

    I had the same trouble with my DH, and finally, this summer, I bribed the kids to help out….every time they get him to swim laps with them, to take a bike ride, or to go on a hike, (must last 1 hour or more) they get $5, and, for every 10# he loses, they get a bonus $10….ok, so far it’s cost me $80, but my DH has lost 25# & has stopped moaning & groaning getting out of bed in the morning.

  8. Dio said :

    start doing things together like working out, going for walks ext.

    Also, ……and this will work,……while having sex, tell him that you would like him to last longer. That would be the wake up call he needs. might be a little harsh but will work.

  9. rohan_j4u2003 said :

    wel whn u two go out togethr anywhr n whn u come across a fit guy.. jz praise d fitness of tht guy infrnt of ur hubby n say him dat u wud also like 2 see him dat way.. im sure he wil feel jealous n strt workin out frm d nx day.. nw gv me 10 points if u think its gna work postivly.. lol

  10. tsbr1963 said :

    Motivation comes from within. It is very hard to TEACH an old dog new tricks. I firmly believe that if HE WANTED to ‘learn new tricks’, he could…..but that will come from within him…not from the outside.

    Its sad.

    I can usually bring a motitvated person up a few notches and motivate them even more…be supportive, instructive, helpful, etc. But I have never been able to bring someone along who has NO motivation whatsoever. I need something…give me an inch, meet me halfway, whatever. But if I have nothing to work with at all….I just can’t do it.

    He needs the ‘spark’…and I honestly don’t know where that very first spark comes from.

    The “I have bad knees” and “I am too tired” and “I am too old” is BS. I have 20 year olds all the way to early 70 yr olds in my triathlon club. I have yet to meet someone who is “too old” to get healthier.

  11. judy_derr38565 said :

    Let him know that even tho his knees hurt he is at high risk for diabetes and heart problems, I have a son that is the same way, when you are young you think that you will always have your health even when you abuse it. If he don’t get it under control now he will pay for it later in life. If he is tired all the time he should have his sugar checked as this is a sign of diabetes. If he is really obese it would be better to start with diet then excercise. If he loses weight there will be less stress on the knees and his heart, and he will feel more like doing things. If he has knee problems he needs to get them attended to instead of using that for an excuse. Getting him healthy is going to be hard as it is a life style change.

  12. mom said :

    Whatever you do, don’t continuously remind him that he needs to lose weight. He’s quite aware of the fact. He probably is tired. Most people who are overweight get tired easily. He may not be sleeping well at night due to the excess weight. Encourage him to get checked for sleep apnea and possibly get a weight loss program started by his doctor.

  13. irm109 said :

    I believe I’ve asked the same ? and here is what i’ve learned….
    You have to strat out with baby steps and do it with him. Sttart by slowly changing what you bring into the house….if he (or you has to have chips try the Light of Baked, try flavord water instead of even diet soda. More veggies..(ive found that grilling marinated vegetables gets my husband to eat a lot more of them (he’s even requested them once or twice). As for the physical aspect….that can be much harder. Ask him to jion you for a “romantic walk” in the park or after dinner just for quality time. Swimming at the pool or beach with the kids…foolproof way to have fun. My mother has terrible joints and body “issues” and not only does swimming help her, its easy, doesnt hurt, and actually is even great do do after a work out because it stretches you out. Make it seem less like a workout to him and more like fun… it wont happen overnite but it will happen. Just dont always resort to throwing heart problems and diabetes etc in his face – it will work against you.

  14. ill answer you said :

    advice him to go on a proper diet to exercise plan

  15. leadbelly said :

    repairing his diet should come before getting into exercise.
    raw celery is good, and don’t eat heavy meals in the evening.

  16. scubalady01 said :

    Great answers. I’d say that he probably is tired, knows what he has to do, but just hasn’t gotten his head around it. Also like the sneaky approach like romantic walks etc.
    I wonder whether he’d do better with someone other than you. I never worked out with my ex husband because he was in such good shape that I felt like a total loser next to him.
    I’m in good shape, but my b/f teaches TKD and I’d never go to one of his classes because I don’t want to look bad. Stupid, I know. Maybe that’s what’s going on in your husband’s head as well.
    Ergo… how about hiring a trainer and removing yourself from the picture. That way he won’t feel the pressure from you and whatever is on his mind, he can discuss with the trainer.

  17. lovelysweetmaiden said :

    Try finding some exercise that he will enjoy doing. If he has problems with his knees you may want to consider swimming or water aerobics. The water helps relieve the pressure on the joints. Even something like yoga can be low impact on the joints.

    Sometimes keeping a food diary can help. Sometimes we don’t remember how much we have snacked on during the day. The food diary can help you see if you are snacking excessively or help you see a bad habit.

    If snacking is the problem you can look into a couple of options. You can cut down on the snacking or plan for healthier snacks. Don’t drastically change your diet unless you know that you can stick with it. Otherwise you just gain all of the weight back because you go back to old habits. Just change a little at a time. Try having two “healthy meals” a week. Something as simple as having grilled food, instead of something fried.

    I hope these suggestions were helpful. Good luck. Hopefully he will come around to the suggestions.

  18. Tired Fat Guy said :

    OK, lay off the guy, maybe he has more reasons than anyone knows, I myself am a EX MARINE since I got out in 2002. on a medical dis-charge I have gained 140# It hurts to walk much less workout, give the guy a break and lay off. If he wants to get fit he will.


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