Isn’t it obxious to lose weight fast is to jog in the mornings any time as runners are skinny themselves?

People say walking is better or jogging doesnt work or takes time like 5 months etc but isnt it obxious running helps to lose weight & fast aswell? u look at runners or 1000 metres & over and professional marathon runners all are slim or to the point of skinny. I know u also have to eat healthy food aswell but jogging is one of the main aspects in losing weight fast right?

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4 Responses to “Isn’t it obxious to lose weight fast is to jog in the mornings any time as runners are skinny themselves?”

  1. Giggley_Girley said:

    just go run brother.

  2. clumsybella12 said:

    joggings good and helps you lose weight fast but sprinting is actually the fastest but since you can jog longer than you can sprint it is better to jog

  3. Elegy said:

    I’m impressed that you actually know how to spell the word ‘lose’. No one else on Y!A seems to have mastered it. Now you need to work on ‘obvious’. I’ve never seen it spelt with an x before.

  4. lo_la-x said:

    Do you mean ‘obvious’ by the way?? lol
    Anyway, i think people only say walkings better (although not heard myself that it’s better than jogging) because people are much more likely to jog, i mean would you rather go out on a long walk for an couple of hours? or an hour long jog?? Most people are gonna say the walk, so they’re more likely to carrying on doing it, whereas someone who takes up jogging is probably more likely to quit (i know me and few other people i know did…)

    Jogging (if you do keep it up) though is obviously going to burn much more calories than walking, but then you might end up eating more to keep your energy up, might not make as much difference as you’d think. But i guess they say it’s not really a good idea to lose weight really quickly (it’s not healthy and your likely to get fat quicker after blah blah blah…) so maybe walking would keep the weight off longer??

    Haven’t tried it myself yet though, was planning on starting going to the gym and going out walking more 2 weeks ago… then i fractured my ankle haha typical, maybe some of us are meant to just stay fat…

    Enjoy your walking/jogging/neither. 🙂


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