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How do I lose weight through the mediterranean diet ?

The Mediterranean Diet is derived from nutritional trends and cuisine in countries such as Greece and Italy. Studies about the nutrition it brings show that it may be healthier compared to most meals, as all essential vitamins, minerals, and food groups are included in every meal. In fact, it has already become so popular that doctors, health organizations, and other diet professionals are recommending dieters to include some elements of Mediterranean cuisine into their own meals.

This diet is characterized by larger portions of fresh vegetables and fruits, together with bread. Seeds, nuts, and grains are also essential in every meal. Olive oil is frequently used in cooking and adding flavor to every meal. This oil is categorized as monounsaturated fat, or the “good fat.” Fish, poultry, cheese, and yogurt are likewise heavily consumed especially in Greece, but other dairy products are eaten moderately. Red meat, sweets, and eggs do not figure very prominently in meals. A moderate amount of wine is also included in meal plans.

Among the benefits of the Mediterranean diet is its high antioxidant content. There are also high amounts of compounds that reduce the risk of heart problems. Butter is almost entirely avoided, and moderate consumption of animal products and olive oil help decrease the likelihood of high cholesterol levels. Many people say that when they switched to a diet patterned after Mediterranean cuisine, they felt healthier and more energetic.

The Mediterranean covers a relatively large area. You can taste meals that are prepared from different countries if ever you get tired of eating the same meal every day. Cookbooks that feature Mediterranean-style meals are also abundant in bookstores and on the internet. However, keep in mind that while the Mediterranean diet may be comparatively healthier than your usual meals, everything must be taken in moderation.

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