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How do I lose weight off my thighs?

I’ve been trying to lose weight off my thighs and bum for ages but I don’t know what really works. Does anybody have any suggestions? I want a simple excersize I can do everyday for a couple of minuites in the morning.

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6 Responses to “How do I lose weight off my thighs?”

  1. Justin said :

    Run or do lunges or do squats its as simple as that

  2. bkunetka said :
  3. Gemzy baby said :

    its true! running is best for the legs. but be sure not to over tone them as you slim the legs, as fat on your thighs will turn quickly to muscle NOT giving the end result you really want.
    Minor toning is best. good luck

  4. eastanglianwanderer said :

    running, cycling, rowing machines are good! but you need to exercise for 30mins at least for any effect!

  5. Helen M said :

    Lunges and squats, but you’ll need to do them for more than a couple of minutes a day to make a difference. I suggest at least 20 minutes of lunges and squats every morning, plus another 20-30 minutes of general exercise like running, cycling or a sport during the day.

    Also, cut additives out of your diet – no fake sweeteners or artificial anything. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and

  6. nothing -_- said :

    I reccomend running a ton, but not to much XP idk i have a problem with my thigh
    s to


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