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how do i lose some stomach fat in 4 months,?

ey guys i am 6′ tall and 184, im athletic and play soccer 5 to 6 nights a week, still i have a pudgy stomach which i am very much hoping to get rid of by summer, what can i do to lose weight on my stomach and also get somewhat of a frame in place of it, i know i have muscle under the fat you just cant see it becuzz of the fat, so how do i lose weight ???? thanks bros

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14 Responses to “how do i lose some stomach fat in 4 months,?”

  1. Maree21 said :

    You can’t spot reduce, you can only lose weight everywhere. Diet!

  2. Mocha said :

    Cut down carbs

  3. manDie said :

    Watch what you eat and stomach crunches during commercials work well

  4. alex c said :

    push ups help the upper body and upper chest but do crunches probly 100 a day that will get you to a place

  5. house_music_addict said :

    do some situps and benchpresses. start with at least every other day with as many you can do. then gradually increase the number of reps and the frequency.

  6. 2hip4u said :

    Because your in a sport, you’re probably hungry all the time after practice. Make sure you control your urges and especially dont eat late at night.

  7. Heather S said :

    I lost 70lbs by doing a 1200 calories a day diet. Since you are a guy and you are athletic… I suggest you try 1400-1500 but no less. Also check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to diet. Make sure to keep track of your calories on a daily basis… including all food and all drinks with calories. Good luck hope I helped!

  8. Julia T said :

    Eat a light healthy diet & so some abdominal exercises after each workout/soccer session. It’s difficult to trim & tone one spot, but it can be done. Also make sure you don’t skip meals because that makes your body prepare for the next time you miss a meal by storing fat! Just eat light healthy high fiber & low fat meals

  9. Ragewolf said :

    drop, all high suger food, no soda worst thing for you, work out, yuo have to sweat knowing your doing it rigth and chancge daliy work out rountine take1 day off for muscels to heal. don’t ver hyadrate your okay to eat if you don’t eat your budy will belive it’s starving and bulid fat around you stomach, if hungray eat a banno or something.

  10. Ryan G said :

    start lifting weights at the gym, you play soccer so you shouldn’t have to run much. When you lift weights the muscle gained burns more calories which in turn burns the fat that is on your stomack

  11. Jenni P said :

    Hey, I will tell you my story of success. I actually began taking the HCG injection which is a pregnancy horomone. I know you are a guy but many men are doing the injection. The HCG horomone speeds up your metabolism and therefore burns more calories and faster. That is why you see so many pregnant women lose weight right when they first get pregnant. It will not cause you any side effects as a male and actually it will make you have more energy. I lost 65 lbs in 6 months. You can ask your doctor about it and then at the same time work on those ab exercises and cardio exercises. Other advice is to stay away from the pills and all of the things they advertise on television. Good luck!

  12. lizard757 said :

    gotta work the abs. situps, crunches, whatever. look on line for some good ab exercises. and watch your diet. dont diet as in not eating, eat healthy stuff in moderation. if youre a drinker cut out the beer, that goes straight to the belly. i know this because my husband used to drink beer, had the lovley beer gut, stopped and it vanished, quick. good luck!

  13. bubblegum_kitten007 said :

    You can try eating more protein (eggs) which will help you build up more muscle. Just mainly eating healthy and getting a work out in 45 minutes everyday will help too. Maybe before you go to bed, just do 50 sit ups & push ups, just to build up that extra muscle. It wont take long for you to start seeing results. Get hand weights and do side bends, jog for 30 minutes, or hit the gym.
    I have done this and havent seen dramatic results yet, but there is something there. Just be sure to eat healthy. (and .. alcohol doesnt help at all… believe me on that one)

  14. Christene J said :

    This site is highly recommended – the free E-book they offer is a great kickstart when you’re trying to lose weight.


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