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How do i lose some of the fat around my belly….?

I am ttc and want exercises tht won’t affect my conceiving chances.
My age is 23yrs and height is 5′ 3.

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6 Responses to “How do i lose some of the fat around my belly….?”

  1. s f said :

    stay off fatty food and do sme abs.

  2. simply_me said :

    Belly fat will only go away if you lose weight. Try that for an option.

    Lots of healthy exercise and simple calorie counting shouldn’t affect your TTC options.

  3. pleasant said :

    sometimes losing weight gives u a better chance in conceiving.

  4. crazycoolest said :

    Do lots of walking, some light jogging. If you’ve been a regular exerciser you can continue your routine. However, if you haven’t, don’t go hard core now. As long as you aren’t over-exercising (you know your limits), it should affect your conceiving. Make sure to do muscle toning work because more muscles will help you burn more fat by raising your metabolism.

  5. thedreamweaverwolf said :

    Try walking and stairs sit ups work also the healthier you are the more likely to conceive

  6. Denise P said :

    Lots and lots of Situps


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