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How do I lose fat from my lower arm?

I want to lose the fat and build muscle. It’s easy for the upper arm (triceps, biceps) but any advice on the lower arm?

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3 Responses to “How do I lose fat from my lower arm?”

  1. ipodgangstercsupb said :

    just start lifting weight and the lower arm you cant really lose weight from there

  2. kelly_hotma said :

    put your elbows on a bench and lift 10 to 20 pounds but you keep your elbowson the bench and back of the forearm and just curl your fist in toward your wrist, do this about 20 to 30 times on each arm everytime you work out and you will notice a difference in about 1 or 2 wks, take care and good luck!

  3. Michael T said :

    upper arm is bicep. lower arm(flabby part is tricep). workouts to get triceps in shape are dips! u can use a chair and sit on the ground infront of chair (back towards chair). now put palms on chair(fingers facing forward towards feet) and do push ups(up and down) slowly. ull feel the burn. Or at the intersection of railings at stairs put arms on each of the L shape intersection and lift knees off ground and pull urself up and down.


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