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how do i lose fat fast? bf wants me too?

my boyfriend keeps calling me chubby
how can i lose weight fast ?

i go to the gym every day and run 4 miles
i eat two things a day, lunch and sometimes dinner
im 5 5 and weigh 102 lbs

what should i do ?

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16 Responses to “how do i lose fat fast? bf wants me too?”

  1. Nick said :

    ok heres what you do. call out your boyfriend for calling you chubby. if he thinks you are, he should say it to you correctly, and be like… well idk how but you should yell at him. and if you think your chubby then you are on the right track but make sure to eat breakfast cause if you dont your metabolism goes down

  2. Jack said :

    your boyfriend is an asshat, 102 pounds is very light, and you get enough exercise. dont listen to him if he ever says anything about your health.

  3. DREW D said :

    if you want to loose excess baggage fast
    then dump the son of a bitch lmao
    your weight is fine beside you loose weight for you not for anyone else

  4. Fearless said :

    Wtf? You weigh less than me! That’s kind of stupid your boyfriend should like you just the way you are and if he’s making you loose weight then he’s doesn’t accept the body god gave you. I’m 5’3″ and 105ish lbs and I am only 15. That’s not right sorry to state the obvious.

  5. krazykickinswimmer said :

    Firstly, 102 lbs for a 5’5 woman is low. I don’t understand how your boyfriend could be calling you chubby. But then again, he could be just playfully teasing you (hopefully, otherwise he’s got issues).

    However, you shouldn’t eat only 2 meals a day and definitely not 1. You should be eating 5-6 small but still proportionate meals a day to keep your appetite satisfied and metabolism running smoothly. It works better than the traditional 3 meals a day (which you aren’t even following at least).

    Nevertheless, you don’t need to lose weight. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor about this but you SERIOUSLY don’t need to lose weight. Hope this helps!

  6. Christian D said :

    If you want to loose weight, then eat 3 meals a day, you are doing plenty of exercise and you will just screw up your metabolism if you don’t

    He is probably joking around calling you chubby, sounds like he is being sarcastic, if he was serious then I would be a bit worried, seriously

    I really think he is being sarcastic, if he is being serious then he is either spending too much time with drug addicts, or watching too much porn

    And if it is the sex he is worried about, trust me, it wont get any better if you get skinnier, it will get worse, you will just get really bony and less energetic, you wont feel like performing very much

  7. Sekhar said :

    wanna lose weight just have a proper exercise panel and diet regiem it si enough.include much amounts of water intake,eat less amounts of junk food,fat foods ets,eat raw vegetables fruits etc,germinated seeds etc.but especailly do exercise it is the best way to lose weight apart from staying hungry.

  8. Jas said :

    stop having dinner, start having breakfast
    that is the most important step..

    and learn some english.. seriously man.. it should be “to”, not “too” in that question of yours

  9. charminbee said :

    wow that’s wrong.
    I’m 5’5 and i weigh 115
    my BMI is normal.

    If you’re chubby then i must be obese???
    LOL punch your bf in the face and
    Go get a happy meal 😉

    Plus i don’t think losing weight to please someone else is not something you should do. Esp if you don’t even need to.

  10. Cappo359 said :

    In your situation the best way to lose the most pounds of ugly fat is to dump your idiot boyfriend and find someone who treats you with love and respect.

  11. horseoutofwater562 said :

    are you seriouse about this you are skinny from what i imagine a 5 5 female looks like weighing 102 pounds. your boyfriend is being a jerk you are doing good you should always have two meals a day more three. forget about the harrassment if he trully thinks you are chubby and it torments you even when he knows that it strikes at your self asteem like a whip, i suggest taking a break from him and thinking your relationship over. do not appease the man you feel good about yourself first because you are skinny chubby does not define you.

  12. KISHOR LAL said :

    You have very Hearty question and your Love needs it so you put your 100% in it
    Your question is very important and without any complexity.

    You need not go for any fasting or dieting,

    You need not go for painful surgery, gym
    Costly surgery, pills drugs or therapies

    I can say you do simple exercise without any costly gym at home. And realize your dream
    I suggest a simple exercise for you to do.
    That exercise in four parts,
    Can be done at home.
    It brings sure results,
    It solves your problem
    But you need to do it the way it is given.

    There are Three Levels of exercise,
    Primary, secondary and final
    Each level is of four parts.

    Each level if of four parts.
    First part is to do spot jogging,
    Second part is sitting
    Third part is eyes rolling
    Fourth part is relaxing.

    Exercise does not need any special gadgets or special room

    You need to have relaxed clothing. Ambient temperature of room
    Not too airy, not to hot not too cool

    Time to do at empty stomach, preferably in morning, but you set your time.
    Place: at home

    Primary level:
    First stage: Jog, spot jogging, raise your knees to your stomach level, initially you may be slow, but increase speed.
    Be fast, throw out your breathe from mouth, with equal speed so that you do not tire and pant up.
    You will perspire, but keep a napkin towel handy to wipe it out. Do spot jogging for five minutes.

    Second stage: sit down. With crossed legs, put both hands on side of waist, keep your spine straight, lower your head, and allow your chin to touch the pit of collar bone, keep mouth wide open.
    Now let your spine bend from waist towards right knee and forehead touch the knee. Keeping waist and upper body bent, move your head towards left. Allow as much bending, touching your nose to ground. Go to left knee. And straighten the spine coming back to normal pose. Again go to right and coming to left, straighten Thus continue for another five minutes.

    Third stage: Lie down on ground spreading legs and hands as if in shabasan. Keep both hands by side of waist.
    Keep eyes open. Facing ceiling. Imagine a stadium size clock on ceiling and hands are moving fast. Your eyes too should run along the hands of clock. On boundary. See that your head is not moving. With it.
    Whole body is rested relaxedly. Let eyes make circular motion.
    Do it for five minutes. Without slowing down.

    Fourth stage. stop everything. Close eyes, relax feel the pleasant sensations of blood circulating, perspirations, and body resting. Be in rest for five minutes.

    Do this Primary level for four weeks,
    Secondary level is of 10 minutes each stage, same process. No change. You know better now how to speed up and go on consistently doing it.

    Final level. : is of 15 minutes each stage. Same process. No change. You know better now how to speed up and go on consistently doing it.


    Avoid airy fans coolers after you finish exercise.
    Avoid taking bath immediately after exercise.
    If you feel pain in muscles, take hot water bath.
    Avoid curd, cold drinks, banana, ice creams, as these are cough generating items, and you may get cold and cough.
    Avoid fried and pastry and meat, sweets too much.
    Take fruits, boiled food at least one time.

    Keep weight watch diary daily,
    Have your own photo of day when you start exercise, pasted on mirror of your bathroom bed room
    And after ever stage crossing, go for another photo, which will be different from previous.

    So coming to final after three months, you will have considerable change of weight,
    And then you continue for another six monhts, the final stage set of exercise.

    Do not miss or do not overdo,

    There is no shortcut to success, and there are no miracle methods too.
    Slow and steady wins.
    Before going to bed pray to universe to bless you for realizing your dream. No success comes without blessing of Universe.

    Wish you best luck
    Please report for the progress and results

  13. Kaley said :

    I would like to recommend you my diet way that works fast. I find right diet way and applied the way, then I lost weight fast. You need to have the way that works. You can find the best way diet that worked for me and lost 15 pounds after 2 weeks. You can find more info from

  14. Yes said :

    You are underweight. It would be better for you to gain weight. Put on 20 lbs and then see what he says. If he doesn’t want you to be a healthy weight, then dump him.

  15. Cherrie Hoston said :

    What i dont understood is in reality how you are no longer actually much more well-preferred than you might be right now

  16. Wilbur Pesta said :

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