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how can i lose weight fast? Am i fat or just chubby?

Am i fat or just chubby?everybody say I’m fine(my body) but i don’t think so I only think that i have a beautiful face but i don’t like my body! I think I’m fat … I’m 5 ‘ and 5.74 ” feet and 143 lb and 4.80 oz (i found that on the internet because in Greece we say 1.67 meters and 65 kilos).. do you know any tips on how to lose weight fast?

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2 Responses to “how can i lose weight fast? Am i fat or just chubby?”

  1. psycholic said :

    Hit the treadmill.

  2. Ruth said :

    rather than a diet, you need a well balanced eating plan. Hopefully I can successfully copy and paste this chart. Rather than yo yo dieting, figure out what your body needs then give it that.
    Weight watchers daily watch list 1400 calories total

    Calories per serving how many servingstotal calories

    Starches 70 = 5 = 350

    Fruit 70 = 3 =210

    Protein 70 = 5 =350

    Fats 40 = 3 =120

    Vegetables 40 = 5===200

    Dairy 80 = 2= 160

    Extra 100 calorie treat that will make it equal 1500 calories

    Weekly watch list 3 red meat meals.
    [1 oz. of meat is a serving]
    The rest should be poultry, fish, lamb, etc.
    At least one meatless meal a week.
    Substitute for meat:
    Beans of that many calories will equal a protein, protein powder,
    Try a variety of beans, lentils, dry peas, tofu, peanut butter.

    Using that racio, your body is getting what it needs. Do not use sugar it is a drug the way it is processed today. Where it says starch it means whole grains. Such as one slice of bread is a serving. Or use cereal as a serving. But each must equal 70 calories.
    Depending on your age if you eat this way all the time you will weigh 125 pounds.
    So on this eating plan you should loose weight.
    That is confusing but I think you are saying 5′ 7″ which on the chart says medium frame woman should be 146 to 156. If you are a man than you should weigh 158


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