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How Do I Lessen the Risk of Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes since those who are 45 years and above are susceptible to having this kind of disease, particularly if risk factors are existing. However, this type of disease can also afflict individuals who are younger than 45 years. Risk factors such as overweight can contribute to the chances of this disease. Having high cholesterol and high blood pressure can also put younger individuals at risk of developing this kind of diabetes. Genetic risks can also contribute, especially if the person has a parent of sibling who had diabetes before.

Lessening the chances of getting afflicted with this diabetes can be made by maintaining an ideal body weight, exercising regularly, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

Having a healthy weight greatly reduces the chances for diabetes to afflict a person. A lot of studies have proven that individuals who have glucose intolerance can lessen their chances of getting this disease as long as they maintain an ideal body weight. Exercise and proper diet are important in keeping a good body weight.

It is often recommended that individuals eat small meals in a day than eating few but large meals. Blood sugars can become unstable when the food is not consumed every 4 up to 6 hours. Although eating sugar does not necessarily result to diabetes, eating starchy and sugary goods can lead to significant increase in weight and poor health. Thus it is important to choose healthy foods in decreasing the risk factors for this type of disease.

Poor habits in one’s diet like consumption of sodium often results to high blood pressure, which is another risk factor of diabetes. Individuals who take medications especially for high blood pressure must eat a diet low in sodium to decrease risks of diabetes.

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