How do I get rid of stomach fat FAST?

I’m 14 and a girl, and I need to lose all my stomach fat within a few weeks. I need suggestions. I am active (dancer, 5 days a week) but my stomach seems to stay fat whatever I do. I would also like to lose fat in my inner thighs. Anything I could do?

Don’t say ” eat a balanced diet and excersize ” I need specific instructions on things to eat, not to eat, and that sort. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “How do I get rid of stomach fat FAST?”

  1. Agnes said:

    Try wish123. excellent resource. I asked a question about my health and got an excellent answer from a doctor. My friend John recommended the website to me.

  2. tummybulge said:

    I would suggest fruits in place of cookies / candy .Drink water or 1% or 2% milk instead of soda , even diet soda can bloat you .Work on correct posture ,stand up straight pull your stomach in , not as easy as it sound .here are some good websites
    You go girl , slim those calorie curves !


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