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any fast ways to lose stomach fat for teens?

haha hey guys. well im 14 years old and 6 feet and i weigh 140 pounds. im really skinny other then my baby fat stomach. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat. i have tried doing diets and stuff, but not working for me. any suggestions on how to lose this stomach fat fast?? i just really need the confidence. also, any tips on wut you do to stop temptations of eating when you dont really need the food. do you guys think i need to lose weight? honestly.


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5 Responses to “any fast ways to lose stomach fat for teens?”

  1. Phenix said :

    leg lifts on a bar?

  2. bb girl said :

    try to take a wash-out tea.

  3. charchole said :

    Well, you don’t hae to stop eating but what your eating should be healthy, and a sandwich or too won’t make you gain weight, it’s just when you over do it so just eat more veggies.

  4. Ą§ħℓëy † said :

    do a lot of cardio and eat right.
    stay away from soda drink water more than anything.
    i actually lost a lot of weight just from drinking water instead of soda.

  5. CariIsAmazement said :

    There are simple excercises like sit-ups you could try. And eating a lot of healthy foods instead of junk [if you even eat that kind of thing to begin with].
    Even though you prolly already knew those. ;D


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