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How 2 lose fat from ur stomach and hips fast?

How can I lose the fatfrom my stomach and hip fast. I excersize everyday by running but it doesn’t seem 2 help, please answer my question!

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2 Responses to “How 2 lose fat from ur stomach and hips fast?”

  1. Ryan said :

    Cardio exercises are your best fat-burners. How much are you running and how high is your heart-rate? Those would be the 2 main factors as to how effective your running is.

    Also, you can do some ab exercises to help strengthen whats underneath so it will be more pronounced as you lose the extra fat. Keep in mind that this doesn’t really help the fat go away though.

  2. Maggie G said :

    I would change your excercise routine and run only every other day and do some kind of weight training and maybe a yoga or pilates class on alternate days. Muscle burns more fat, and as far as the yoga goes, everyone I ever met who does yoga is very slim. I think the breathing and the stretching help.


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